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Engage and support

Helping Middlesex and future generation students

The support of our graduates plays an invaluable role in helping us to promote Middlesex University to potential students, as well as ensuring current students and recent graduates reach their fullest potential.

The support you could provide can take many different forms:

Alumni Ambassadors

Our alumni ambassadors are living proof of what a Middlesex University degree can lead to with hard work and commitment. They play a critical role in demonstrating to prospective students, their parents and other audiences how a Middlesex University education ensures our students are well equipped for life.

The support of our alumni ambassadors takes many different forms: from speaking to prospective students at recruitment events to providing profiles and testimonials or becoming guest speakers. If you are interested in becoming an alumni ambassador, please contact us.

Alumni career advisers and student mentors

By acting as a career adviser, student mentor or through the provision of work placements and jobs, our graduates play a crucial role in helping us boost the career prospects of current students.

They are a real source of inspiration, encouraging our students to explore opportunities they may not have previously considered. They also offer insight into how they made their mark in their chosen professional field or access to industry contacts. To learn more, please get in touch.

Guest speakers or expert commentators

The university holds a number of events for students, alumni and occasionally the general public. We are always interested in hearing from graduates who would be happy to participate in these as either guest speakers or expert commentators.

We would also love to hear from all alumni interested in contributing to our e-publications.

If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker or expert commentator please email us.

Gifts and Legacies

The financial support our alumni offer has a huge impact on the university, and donations enable us to offer support and scholarships to current students. These contributions also help us to preserve the wonderful history of Middlesex and ensure that our legacy continues for future generations.

For more information on how your financial support can make a difference, please visit the Gifts and Legacies page.

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