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    Our Partner Schools: Coldfall Primary

    Coldfall Primary School’s reputation as a top provider of high quality teacher training is facilitated by a long-term partnership with Middlesex.

    Coldfall Primary School north London
    As Director of the Teaching School provision at Coldfall Primary School – a lead school in a partnership currently numbering 14 – Dan Walker works closely with Middlesex University and recruits up to 20 students at a time for Schools Direct teacher training in a variety of North London locations.

    “We’ve had a long-term relationship with Middlesex for over 10 years,” Dan says.

    “We’re very happy; we know the tutors well, and it’s a good university.

    “We are also very well established among lead schools. People know that, by working with Middlesex and with local schools, we develop well-qualified, well-trained teachers. In turn, we also provide the local community with sought-after educators.”

    The proof is in the quick career progression experienced by many Coldfall-trained teachers.

    “We’ve had many graduates become subject leaders within just a few years of qualifying; others have gone on to assistant headship and deputy headship,” Dan says.

    “Our trainees are more than ready when they’re qualified; they know the job and they enjoy it greatly.”

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