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School Direct: Work in Partnership with Middlesex University 2016/2017

Choose to train your School Direct teachers with Middlesex University's innovative and highly successful School Direct programme.

73% of our last cohort of trainees was graded 'outstanding' and 27% as 'good'. This is in line with the rising profile of grades that has been seen across the Middlesex ITT partnership for all primary and secondary ITT courses.

We have fully embraced School Direct as being a 'school-led' initiative. There are many reasons why you should choose Middlesex University but probably the main one is that we genuinely work in partnership with our school alliances. This means that together, we train the teachers of the future that will hopefully become qualified staff in your schools. 

As well as sharing the training of the teachers with our schools, we are able to charge fees such that schools will receive just under 50% of the training fee (£4,250). We believe this is a very competitive package given that the trainees can also get 60 M level (Level 7) credits during their training year.

The NCTL have announced the following deadlines in addition to some changes to the allocations approach. This year the NCTL will be requesting planned recruitment estimates using the ITT data management system. The window of opportunity for registration of this information will be between the 23rd June and the 10th July. Please use the link below for full details of the amended process:

1. High quality integrated and innovative training programme – your trainees will have Central Training led by a team of University Senior Lecturers (Practice) and expert Practising Teachers and Senior Professionals. Central training sessions take place at our Hendon campus. Much of the Central Training takes place alongside those provided for our PGCE courses.

Secondary trainees attend on Mondays during the autumn term and then fortnightly for the remainder of the training year.  We can offer most secondary subjects.

Primary trainees attend on Wednesdays during the autumn term and then fortnightly for the remainder of the year.

School-based training will need to be arranged within the School Direct alliance and hosting schools that you choose to work with throughout the year. Middlesex University has been working with alliance leads to facilitate the integration of central and school based training programmes.

2.  Both the Primary and Secondary School Direct programmes have a dedicated Programme Leader who provides tailored support for all participating schools and trainees. This is in addition to the support provided by the team of ITT practitioners within the Education department.

3. Integrated Masters level study led by the University team and supported by schools – your trainees will end their training year with QTS and 60 credits that can be used towards a Master's degree. This is a specialist PG Cert for School Direct (Primary or Secondary). The subject (in the case of secondary) is also included in the award title.

4. Excellent value for money – at Middlesex University we have agreed to keep our fees the same for 2016/2017, as we have since School direct began. This means that we will provide the postgraduate award, the University administration and training, DBS and Occupational Health Checks (for training fee School direct only), qualification checks and admissions support for £4750. It works like this:

a. School Direct (Salaried) – NCTL pay a salary bursary to the School or Local Authority. Middlesex University invoices the School or Local Authority £4750 per trainee (in 3 instalments through the year).

b. School Direct (tuition fees) – the trainee draws a student loan of £9000 for the training year. They receive the loan in 3 payments. Schools invoice Middlesex University for a total of £4250 (in 3 payments through the year).

The NCTL has made it clear that they will prioritise alliances or clusters of schools with 5 or more partner schools with some exceptions to this rule for alliances with special school members. Any schools that would like to have School Direct trainees but at the moment do not belong to an alliance or cluster of schools should get in touch with the Teacher Education Partnership Manager, Dr Victoria Brook at Middlesex University, who will put you in touch with one of our existing alliances.

We would be delighted to welcome our regular alliances as well as new ones into our partnership. 

For more information, please contact Dr Victoria Brook, Teacher Education Partnership Manager and Dr Debbie Jack, Head of Education.

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