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    Dr Linda Bell

    ROLE: Principal Lecturer in Research Methods
    CONTACT: +44 (0)20 8411 5476
    • Research methods and methodology
    • Dissertation supervision
    • Ethics
    • Research methods and methodology; feminist research
    • Research ethics and 'user' involvement in health and social care, including palliative care andbereavement.
    • Social work education and training. Communication training (primary health, social care)
    • 'Professional' knowledge and professionals' attitudes to research. Inter- professionalism and practice (primary health, social care)
    • Families/ households, especially parenting, social networks and social support. Domestic violence
    • Time in work settings. Organisations, gender and work, including historical interests
    • Medical anthropology: culture and health, including historical interests; herbal medicine and other complementary therapies.


    • Project relating to decision-making in research ethics committees
    • MA students learning about research methods
    • Tutor groups in social work education
    • Book proposal on 'professional' knowledge and academics/professionals' attitudes to research
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