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    Vice-Chancellor's welcome

    Professor Tim Blackman, Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University

    What makes Middlesex University special? Our vibrant and inspiring diversity? How we’ve pioneered new ideas in British higher education? Our reputation among employers for the relevance of our courses and skills of our graduates? Or perhaps our

    All these reasons for why we are special are true, but what most strikes many people new to the University is our welcoming, supportive and open-minded community where everyone matters.

    As Vice-Chancellor, our inclusive community is something I cherish as important to the well-being of our staff and students. This is a great environment in which to learn and discover who you can become.

    For many years Middlesex has attracted staff and students who value our distinctive approach to learning, combining rigorous scholarship with practical expertise, and creating the experiences, knowledge and confidence to define your own path to success and make a difference.

    We have a fascinating history in becoming one of London’s world class universities, with courses studied by almost 20,000 students at our London campus and another 20,000 students studying Middlesex courses in some of the world’s most dynamic places such as Dubai, Mauritius and Hong Kong, and even while working at sea by distance learning.

    Our teaching, research and practice engage with many of the most vital and pressing concerns in the world. Our courses are aligned and connected with industry and the changing world of work. We partner with employers, some of the biggest brands in the world, to make sure that what we teach is what employers need. We also provide opportunities for our students to run their own businesses.

    We are passionate about our vibrant and inspiring diversity and being relevant to the communities, organisations and businesses we serve. We are forward-thinking, building on what we have achieved and embracing the new possibilities of technological, economic and social change.

    Thank you for your interest in our University. If you’re not already part of our community and like our vision, do come and visit to find out more. You’ll be warmly welcomed.

    Professor Tim Blackman


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