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    Distinguished Lecture Series

    The DLS programme is designed to stimulate, challenge and raise horizons across some of the big issue subjects that we all face today. Looking at the past, present and future of areas such as economics, politics, education and technology, the series is not only designed to deepen our knowledge and understanding, but to better equip us as engaged thinkers and contributors. It is the opportunity for iterative engagement and reflection that make this venture so powerful and beneficial for all concerned.

    DLS Convener Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy

    Middlesex University Business School’s Distinguished Lecture Series 2016

    Future Impacts: Developments in Economics, Politics, Education and Technology

    We continue to feel the ripples of the 2007 financial crisis, the increasing polarisation of the political spectrum and the existential crisis of the university system. Against this backdrop of unprecedented technological change, Middlesex University Business School invites four world-renowned experts to speak on the themes that affect both our everyday lives and the world of business.

    Looking to the past, we ask what impact the major events of our lifetime will have on the future, a question universities continually ask themselves as they prepare students for a life beyond academia. Helping us to understand the four key areas of economics, politics, education and technology that are not only affected by the major ideological and cultural shifts of our time but also shape our future, we welcome four experts from academia and beyond.

    The series is hosted by Tim Evans, Professor of Business and Political Economy. Professor Evans brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Series and the University as whole having previously been President and Director General of the Centre for the New Europe (2002-2005) in Brussels, Executive Director of Public Affairs at the Independent Healthcare Association in London and Head of the Slovak Prime Minister's Policy Unit in Bratislava. Prior to this, Professor Evans was Assistant Director of the Foundation for Defence Studies in London. He holds an MSc and a PhD from the London School of Economics as well as a an MBA from the Open University Business School.

    19 April, 17.00-20.00
    Professor Steve Keen, Head Of School Of Economics, History & Politics at Kingston University, is joined by a panel including Steve Baker MP, Member of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee; Ben Dyson, Head of Research, Positive Money, and Detlev Schlichter, author, Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown

    8 June, 17.00-20.00
    Dr Philip Collins, Chair of centre-left think tank DEMOS

    6 October, 17.00-20.00
    Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas

    2 November, 17.00-20.00
    Dan Lewis, Senior Infrastructure Advisor to the Institute of Directors

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