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LQE Handbook - Section 17

LQE Handbook - Section 17

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Section 17 - Research procedures


Appendix 17a - Application form (MProf/DProf) - no longer in use

Appendix 17b - Application form PhD application form - no longer in use

Appendix 17c - 1st decision form non acceptance - no longer in use

Appendix 17d - 2nd decision form to be sent for interview candidates - no longer in use

Appendix 17e - Application for appointment of Exam panel

Appendix 17f - eRepository form

Appendix 17g - Interview form

Appendix 17h -  Outcome of panel

Appendix 17i - Preliminary Examination form

Appendix 17j - Progress report completed by DOS or supervisor

Appendix 17k - Progress report completed by Student

Appendix 17l - Recommendation of the Examiners - MPhil/PhD

Appendix 17l - Recommendations of the Examiners - M/Dprof

Appendix 17m - Registration form

Appendix 17n - Supervisory form

Appendix 17o - Transfer form

Appendix 17p - Withdrawal from studies

Appendix 17q - Application for Extension to Period of Registration

Appendix 17r - RD Interruption of Studies

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