School of Science and Technology

The School is the home for research and teaching in science, technology and engineering at Middlesex, divided into four academic departments:

  • Computer and Communications Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Design Engineering and Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences

Our courses are taught in state-of-the-art specialist laboratories providing our students with customised teaching and research environments. 

Much of our work is guided by the notion that people have an essential part to play in modern engineering and technology. Within our School we are attempting to integrate the study of people, both as individuals and societies, with that of artefacts and the sciences that are involved. 

Design thinking is also critical in much of our research and teaching, as we focus attention on systems that will interact with people in a variety of ways. Middlesex is a renowned centre for the study and application of product design and design engineering and our own innovative design consultancy – redloop – provides placement and professional project opportunities for our students.

Natural Sciences focuses on the study of biological and biomedical sciences including bioinformatics and biomodelling, as well as complementary health sciences, environmental sciences and risk management. Computer science research focuses on human-computer interaction; algorithms, architecture and networks as well as software processes, practice and designs.

Our school brings together leading academics from a wide variety of backgrounds, working together to ensure that broad perspectives of systems are used, to challenge thinking and formulate approaches to science, engineering, design and analysis that are fit for purpose in our modern world.


Undergraduate: Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, Environmental and Public Health, Product Design and Engineering.

Postgraduate: Biomedical ScienceComputer Science and Information Technology, Engineering, Environment and Sustainable Development, Public Health and Safety


Our well-developed research expertise includes particular areas of excellence in biomedical sciences, computer science and visual analytics, and geography and environmental science. We welcome students interested in research degrees. Go to the Science and Technology Research section to find out more.