D.Prof, PGD (Acoustics and Noise Control); PGCHE, B.Sc (Hons); MCIEH Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner

Curriculum/subject area Natural Sciences

Current work administrative and professional duties/roles

  • Member of School Academic Planning Committee.
  • Chair of internal validation events
  • External Examiner: M.Sc. Environmental Health, University of Derby 2006-2010
  • External Examiner: B.Sc. Environmental Health, University of Wolverhamption 2010 onwards
  • External Panel Member: B.Sc. Environmental Health, University of Wolverhampton 2008 and 2010
  • External Panel Member: B.Sc Environmental Health, Coventry University
  • External Panel Member: M.Sc. Environmental Health, University of Birmingham 2006
  • External Panel Member: PGD. Public Health Practice, University of Westminster 2005

Articles and chapters in edited books:

Page, A., Hewitt, M., Lundy, S., (2010). Lessons Learnt: Retail Enforcement Pilot. Birmingham, LBRO

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  • 2002:Small research grant for the Centre of Learning Development: AcademicNeeds and Academic Support for Students on Foundation Certificates,and Higher National Certificates/Diplomas.
  • 2004:Development of Professional Interview Scenarios CIEH, Withheld
  • 2004:Higher Education Innovation Fund Grant to Implement Risk Management in SMEs and Risk Consultancy for larger organisations
  • 04-07: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: Writing of Professional Examinations £10,000
  • 2005: Higher Education Innovation Fund Grant to integrate risk, environmental management and occupational health services to business.
  • 2006: Development of a core curriculum for Food Inspectors in the UK, Food Standards Agency £1500
  • 2008: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health: Writing of professionalexamination for Environmental Protection Diploma,withheld
  • 2008: Defence Medical Education Training Agency: Professional Education £46000
  • 2008: Department of Environmental and Occupational Health: Professional Education £12,500
  • 2008: London Borough of Haringey: Professional Education Withheld
  • 2008: Joint Research Councils Business Competition: Short listed for InnovationProject
  • 2009: Linking London: Development of Pan London Education £7000
  • 2009: Linking London: Development of Foundation Degree in Regulatory Practice £10000
  • 2009: Investment Funding: Blended Learning Packages for Risk £15000
  • 2009: Local Better Regulation Office: Retail Enforcement Pilot: Learning the Lessons £55,200
  • 2009: Defence Medical Education Training Agency: Professional Education
  • 2009: Tropical Hygiene Education Trust: Training and Education in Public Health, Zambia: £30000-£60000
  • 2009: British Council Inspire Grant: Travel Grant to Kazakhstan to develop multi-disciplinary training £2000
  • 2010: Investment funding: Business and Community Initiatives £16,700
  • 2010: Joint Medical Command: Professional Educuation £181,000
  • Professional Membership
  • Fellow Royal Society of Public Health
  • Member of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner

Links with partner/business orgs etc:

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Defence Medical Education Training Agency
  • Local Better Regulation Office
  • University of Botswana
  • University of Zambia
  • Njala University Sierra Leone
  • Al-Farabi National State University, Kazakhstan
  • Open University, Hong Kong

Health stressors including environmental, biological, chemical and physical stressors; risk appraisal and risk management. I teach on the following awards

  • B.Sc. Environmental Health
  • B.Sc Environmental and Public Health
  • M.Sc. Environmental Health
  • M.Sc. Occupational Health and Safety
  • M.Sc. Environmental Pollution Control
  • supervision of range of Doctoral Candidate in risk, and health
  • M.Sc. Environmental Pollution Control

Achieving Public Health gain through interventions and support, including accident reduction and reducing stressors in home and workplace environments. Risk analysis and management, regulatory interventions. Public health programmes in developing countries.