Select Publications:

  • Baskaran, A, (2001), "Competence Building in Complex Systems in the Developing Countries: The Case of Satellite Building in India",Technovation, 21 (2), 109-121, ISSN: 0166-4972.
  • Baskaran, A and Boden, A, (2007), "Prometheus Bound: Accounting and the Creation of the New Science Paradigm", International Studies of Management and Organization, 37 (1), 9-26, ISSN: 00208825.
  • Baskaran, A, (2005), "From Science to Commerce: The Evolution of Space Development Policy and Technology Accumulation in India", Technology in Society, 27 (2), 155-179, ISSN: 0160 791X.

  • Baskaran, A, (2006), "Bridging the Digital Divide: Innovation Systems for ICT in Brazil, China, India, Thailand, and Southern Africa", London: Adonis-Abbey, 247 pages, ISBN: 1-905068-15-8.

Other Publications:

Refereed Articles:

  • 2004: A. Baskaran and R. Boden, Science-a controversial Commodity? Science, Technology; Society (Sage Publications), vol. 9, no.1, pp.1-265.
  • 2002: A. Baskaran, Export Control Regimes and India's Space and Missile Programmes, India Quarterly (Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi), vol. LVIII, no.3-4, pp. 205-242.

Book Chapters:

  • 2004: A. Baskaran, The Role of Offsets in Indian Defense Procurement Policy, in J. Brauer and J. P. Dunne, Arms Trade and Economic Development: Theory, Policy, and Cases in Arms Trade Offsets (London: Routledge).
  • 2003: A. Baskaran, Towards an African National System of Innovation, in M. Muchie et al., Putting Africa First: The Making of African Innovation Systems (Aalborg, Denmark: Aalborg University Press).

Other Publications

  • 2003: A. Baskaran, "India and Pakistan: Danger of Nuclear and Missile Race?," ECAAR News NetWork, vol. 16., no. 10, p.10.

  • Innovation and Financial Management
  • Technology
  • Business Performance and Competitiveness
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Accounting Theories and Research Methods
  • Influence of Accounting and Finance Controls on Research and Development Funding
  • Competitiveness, Innovation and Financial Management
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Technology Development and Capability Building (particularly in developing countries)
  • Export Controls on Dual-use Technologies
  • Defence Industry