Current areas of work

I am working on various aspects of the political economy of tourism such as the notion of the right to tourism and the structural contradictions that underlie the growth of tourism. I am also working on the notion of the triple crisis in tourism and how tourism expresses the crisis tendencies within international capitalism.

I am also interested of how the social sciences can lead to social change following the credit crunch by developing the tensions that are to be found within its tendency to create a fragmented knowledge.


  • University College London 1967-71
  • Architectural Association 1971-73


  • Research Assistant, South Bank Polytechnic 1973-76
  • Planning Adviser London Chamber of Commerce 1976-7
  • Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University, 1978 - to date.

Selected publications


With Gough J. and Mcculloch A (2006) Spaces of Social Exclusion, London: Routledge

With Gough, J. (1993), The Politics of Local Economic Policy: the problems and possibilities of local initiative, Basingstoke: Macmillan,

Chapters in books

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Academic Articles

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Urban regeneration, community development