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  • Course Leader - MSc Interaction Design

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  • CMT3082 - Developing Enterprise Systems (Module Leader)
His research in HCI focuses mainly on the distributed cognition approaches to understanding human-machine collaboration, and the application of such approaches to the design and evaluation of interactive technology in areas as diverse as digital libraries and aircraft flight decks.

Research Supervision:

Director of Studies

  • George Buchanan: User Tools for Digital Libraries (PhD awarded 2004)
  • Veronica Davis Perkins: Imaging the past: methodologies, effects, and issues arising from digitising historic photograph collections
  • John Salisbury: What constitutes an engaging interactive experience?
  • Nallini Selvaraj: Collaborative Decision Making in Complex Safety Critical Systems: A Common Information Space Approach
  • Hanna Stelmasewska: New usability: evaluating user experience

Second Supervisor

  • Jainaba Jagne: Integrating cultural and social factors of the shopping metaphor, in the context of indigenous users, into eCommerce interface design
  • Ming Nie: Cultural issues in IT project management
  • Saif ur Rehman: Virtual reality laparoscopic surgery simulations