Dr. Jon Mulholland (PhD Lesicester, MA London, BA Warwick) is an Associate Professor in Sociology, in the Department of Criminology and Sociology, and joined Middlesex University in 2007 from the University of West London. He teaches and researches in the areas of 'race', ethnicity, nation, religion, migration, gender and sexuality and popular culture, and has a particular interest in contemporary France. Jon is a member of the Crime and Conflict Research Centre and Social Policy Research Centre at the University, in addition to being a member of the ESRC Peer Review College, EU Migration Network and European Sociological Association.

Jon teaches in the areas 'race', ethnicity, nation, religion, gobalization, gender and sexuality, and popular culture

Jon's key research interests lie in the fields of 'race', ethnicity, nation, religion, gender and sexuality, migration, and popular culture. Jon has recently published in the journals: Sociology, Global Networks, Ethnic and Migration Studies, and International Migration in support of his recent ESRC-funded project, 'French Capital: A Study of French Highly-Skilled Migrants in London's Financial and Business Sectors'. Jon is now leading a British Academy-funded project entitled 'Women in Nationalist Movements'.

Applications for MPhil/PhD supervision in the above areas are welcomed. Jon is currently supervising MPhil/PhD's in the areas of: restorative justice, the uses of violence in Iraqi political discourse, Women's experiences and perceptions of violence in the public sphere, Women's Conversion to Islam in the UK

Dr. Jon Mulholland (PI), Dr. Nicola Montagna, Dr. Erin Sanders-McDonagh - British Academy/Leverhulme Grant - Women in Nationalist Movements in the UK (July 2013-Dec 2014)

This project explores the nature, causes and impact of women's participation in nationalist organisations in the UK today. In so doing it makes a significant contribution to our understanding of a much under-researchd aspect of contemporary nationalist politics

Dr. Jon Mulholland (PI) and Dr. Louise Ryan (Co-Applicant) - ESRC RES-000-22-4240 - French Capital: A Study of French Highly Skilled Migrants in London's Financial and Business Sectors (Oct. 2010-Sept 2012 - 100k). Project web-page - http://frenchlondon.co.uk/

This 18-month, ESRC-funded, qualitative research project, addressed a notable gap in our understanding of contemporary migration, namely intra-EU highly-skilled migration. In particular, in using a qualitative methodology, the project sought to uncover the thick biographies of highly-skilled migrants’ lived experiences to uncover the meaningful nature of migratory motivations, practices, patterns and effects

Professor Elizabeth Anionwu (PI), Jon Mulholland, Richard Atkins, Mike Tappern and Peter Franks - NHS Positively Diverse-funded project - The DATING Project (Diversity and Transition into Nursing) (2004-2006 - £90k)

This project examined the role played by a number of diversity variables on the entry into, and progression through, pre-registration nurse education, and in so doing contributed to our understanding of a key determinant of the character and quality of nursing practice in the UK today

Jon's (with Professor Louise Ryan) recently completed ESRC-funded project, 'French Capital: A Study of French Highly Skilled Migrants in London's Financial and Business Sectors' has enjoyed a substantial to date.  

Academic impact: 

Events - A highly successful international conference - Highly-Skilled Migration into the 21st Century, Middlesex University (May 2012). The conference attracted many of the world’s leading scholars in the field, including Professors Beaverstock, Favell, and Ackers. It also provided an extensive platform to younger researchers, including PhD students.  The project has also been extensively disseminated at conferences (12 to date with more abstracts accepted), resulting in important international research links with other scholars, and groups, active in highly-skilled migration research (including a new comparative paper with American highly skilled migrants). 

Publications - papers have been published in Ethnic and Migration Studies, Global Networks, Sociology and International Migration. These papers highlight the project's contribution to innovative research and analysis in the area of highly skilled migration. 

Website - a project web-site (frenchlondon.co.uk) has facilitated an international sharing of the project findings, and with a view to maximising accessibility to the data and related knowledge development. To date, the web-site shows an impressive impact, and has received positive feedback from the academic community.   

Policy impact:

Jon and Louise convened a successful policy seminar, 'Opportunities and Obstacles: Intra-EU Skilled Migration to the UK' (Sept 2012). This event brought together policy makers, political representatives, academics and analysts to examine the latest trends, dynamics and impacts of skilled intra-EU migration to the UK. The impact of this event, in conjunction with the above activities, resulted in an invitation to join the panel of an influential Home Office/UK European Migration Network event (December 1012) to speak alongside other significant contributors in the field. The audience was comprised of leading policy makers and analysts, including representatives of key political parties. We have also been invited to convene an event as part of the influential policy-orientated Oxford University Compas seminar series in central London (February 2013).  

Societal impact:  

Jon and Louise  convened a highly successful public dissemination event at the French Institute, South Kensington, attended by research participants and key project stake-holders: e.g.  the French Consulate, and the French Chamber of Commerce, with whom co-operative (and potentially further collaborative) relationships have been established through the research process. The project has also enjoyed an impact on the media, featuring in The Mail (Sept 2012), Here is the City (April 2012), Le Monde (Feb 2012), INFO (Feb 2012), and Ici Londres (Nov 2011)