Selected Publications:


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  • Borossa, Julia ( 2001) Hysteria, Icon Books, London. (Translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian)
  • Borossa, Julia and Ivan Ward eds. (2009) Psychoanalysis, Fascism, Fundamentalism. Special Issue of Psychoanalysis and History. Edinburgh: Edinburgh U.P.

Refereed articles and book chapters:

  • Borossa, Julia (1997) 'The Migration of Psychoanalysis and the Psychoanalyst as Migrant' Oxford Literary Review 19, 79-104.
  • Borossa, Julia and Caroline Rooney (2002) A Correspondence of Life and Letters: 'Why War?' Journal of European Studies 32, 319-334.
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  • Borossa, Julia (2004), "Languages of Loss; Languages of Connectedness in Lost Childhood and the Language of Exile, edited by Judith Szeacute;kagrave;cs and Ivan Ward. London: Karnac and Freud Museum.
  • Borossa, Julia and Marina Gulina (2005) Child Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad: Notes on a Study of the effects of group trauma and its long-term effects on individuals (with Marina Gulina), Children in War: International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies.
  • Borossa, Julia (2007) Mothering, Deprivation and the Formation of Child Psychoanalysis in Britain a chapter in Growing up with Risk, edited B.Thom, R.Sales and J.Pearce, Bristol: Policy.
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  • Borossa, Julia (2013) 'Narratives of Love' in JCFAR 23.

Professional Membership:

  • On the steering committee of Therip (Higher Education Research in Psychoanalysis).
  • Societe d'Histoire de la psychiatrie et de la psychanalyse (Society for the History of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis-- UK coordinator)

Languages spoken

French, Hungarian, Bulgarian.

Histories, politics and cultures of the psychoanalytic movement; clinical narratives; the institutionalisation and professionalisation of psychoanalysis ; psychoanalysis and colonialism; trauma and narratives of endurance.