Current Role

Programme Leader for MA International Relations


1989: BSc International Relations, London School of Economics (2:1)
1990: MSc International Relations, London School of Economics
1994: PhD International Relations, City University, London (thesis ‘Global Norms and theInternational Regulation of Pesticides’)

Selected Publications

2014:Hough, Malik, Pilbeam & Roberts, Security. From Theory to Practise, Routledge:London 
2014:Environmental Security: an Introduction, Routledge: London 
2014:Entry; ‘The Rotterdam Convention’ for Morin & Orsini (eds) Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance, Routledge: London. 
2013:Book Section: ‘The Trading and Use of Agrochemicals’, in B. Campbell & S.Ortiz (eds) Issues in Agroecology. Present Status and Future Prospects, Berlin: Springer. 
2013:Understanding Global Security (3rd edition) Routledge: London 
2013:The Arctic in International Politics. Coming in from the Cold, Routledge: London. 
2013:'Workplace Insecurity. The Case for Global Governance', Business Law Review 34 (2): 54-62. 
2012:‘Worker Safety and Human Security. The Case for Global Governance’ E-Journal of Comparative and International Labour Studies 1(3-4) Oct-Dec 2012. 
2012:‘Worth the Energy? The Geopolitics of Arctic Oil’, Central European Journal of International & Security Studies 6(2) 
2011:“Non-State Actors in the Global Health World”, in B. Reinalda (ed) Ashgate Companion to Non-State Actors, Ashgate: Farnham Surrey pp.433-446. 
2011World Politics. International Relations and Globalization in the 21st Century, Pearson..
2011 "Pesticides and Persistent Organic Pollutants", chapter in G.Kutting (ed) Global Environmental Politics, Routledge.
2008'Global Steps towards Human Security' Security and Human Rights 19(1), January 2008, pp.15-23. (ISSN 1874-7337)
2008 Understanding Global Security (2nd edition) Routledge. (ISBN 978-0-415-42142-3).
2008'Make Goals Not War. The Contribution of International Football to World Peace' The International Journal of the History of Sport 25(9), September 2008.
2008 Entry on 'Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides' for the Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History (1,500 words).
2005: Who's Securing Whom? The need for International Relations to Embrace Human Security, St Antony's International Review 1(2) November 2005 pp.72-87 . (ISSN 1746-451X)
2004: Understanding Global Security Routlege, London.
2003: 'Poisons in the system: the global regulation of hazardous pesticides'. Global Environmental Politics 3(2) May 2003.
2000: 'Institutions for Controlling the Global Trade in Hazardous Chemicals: the 1998 Rotterdam Convention', Global Environmental Change, 10 (2000) 161-164
2002: Entries on: Basel Convention, Bhopal Disaster, Chemical Industry, Hazardous Wastes, PCBs and the Seveso Disaster for the International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics, Taylor Francis.
1998: The Global Politics of Pesticides: Forging Consensus from Conflicting Interests, Earthscan, London

International Relations, Globalization, Security Politics, International Political Economy.

Global Security Politics, International Environmental Politics, Sport and Politics, the politics of the Arctic.

  • Reviewer for the 'Review of International Studies'.
  • Member of British International Studies Association committees on Environmental Change and Human Security.
  • Listed on the Commonwealth Secretariat Resgister of Experts