Current work administrative and professional duties/roles

  • Departmental Business Champion
  • Program Leader -
    MSc Criminology with Forensic Science
    MA in work based learning 'Critical incident Management (police specific degree)
    PG Cert in work based learning 'Homicide and Serious Risk Management (police specific certificate)
    MA Crime and Crime Management
  • Link Tutor Metropolitan Police Crime Academy


An intelligent use of Intelligence; Developing Locally Responsive Information Systems in the Post-Macpherson Era, in Alan Marlow and Barry Loveday (Eds.) (2000) After Macpherson; Policing after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, Lyme Regis, Russell House Publications

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New Statesman (9th April 2008) The Governance of Crime

Conference papers

2008 Safer London Forum, London, 'Problem Solving Policing; evaluation and research'

2008 European Society of Criminology, annual conference, Edinburgh, 'Nightmare on Mare Street; What has been done about Law and Order?'

2006 British Society of Criminology, Annual Conference, Glasgow 'Street Wise Street Blind; the intelligence gap'

2006 Erasmus Conference, Hamburg, 'The Intelligence Escalator' discussing the conflict of local and central intelligence

2003, Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman conference 'Policing the Police, the challenges', paper on community policing

2001, American Criminal Justice Society, Annual Conference, Washington 'Police Training in the Post Macpherson Era.'

2000, American Criminal Justice Society, Annual Conference, New Orleans, 'Intelligent Intelligence; Developing information Exchange Systems'



  • Organised and Corporate Crime
  • Institutions of Criminal Justice
  • Research Methods
  • Organisational management

Crime Governance; Homicide investigation; Organised and Corporate Crime; Policing and Crime Prevention; Police Skills