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Social Science/Social Policy

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Co Leader, Health and Social Research cluster and Co-Director Social Policy Research Centre



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  • Branded Cities and Urban Borders, 12 January, co-organiser with UTS Sydney and Menzies Centre, Kings College London
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  • Comparative perspectives on cosmopolitanism and theories of belonging: Asia, Australia and the EU, co-organiser and presentation of paper on Multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism: configurations of diversity in British cities, University of Technology Sydney, 8 December

Research Grants

  • 2005 People in Islington: refugees in the Borough (Michael Bell Associates and Kofman) * 2006-7 New Migrants and their Needs (Kofman, Lukes, D'Angelo, Montagna), Refugee Housing Association
  • 2006-7 Grounded Cosmopolitanism and Branded Cities: Europe, Asia and Australia with University of Technology Sydney, Australian Research Council Linkage Award
  • 2006-7 Civic Stratification, Gender and Family Migration Policies in Europe, international partner of International Migration Development and Policies, Austrian Research Programme New Orientations of Democracy in Europe
  • Migrant Women, Discrimination and the Labour Market Equal Opportunities and the Labour Market, IMISCOE, University of Amsterdam
  • 2007-8 Bangladeshi Women into Employment and Training in Ponders End, Community Aid funded by London Development Agency (Kofman and Ryan)
  • 2008 Equality Implications of Being a Migrant in Britain: review (Kofman, Lukes, D'Angelo, Montagna), Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • 2008-2010 GENDERACE. The Use of Anti-Discrimination Laws: gender and citizenship in a multicultural context (UK Partner- Kofman, Howard, Wray, Banfi), EC FP7
  • 2008-2010 GEMMA Enhancing Evidence-Based Policy Making in Gender and Migration (UK Partner - Kofman, Ryan, Banfi), EU FP7
  • 2010-2011 PROSINT Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration (UK Partner -Kofman, Vacchelli and D'Angelo), European Fund for Integration
  • 2011-2012 Inequality and Multiple Discrimination in Access to Healthcare (Coordinator and D'Angelo, Howard, Nolas, Tilki, Vacchelli, Greenfields and Johnson in UK team), Fundamental Rights Agency, Vienna

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Review Editor:Political Geography 1995-2009

Editorial Board: Journal of European Area Studies 1998-;

Mobilities 2006-

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Asylum Aid, London, Research Advisor

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  • Migration and citizenship
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Gender, Migration and Citizenship, in particular family and skilled migration
  • Gendered migration and welfare regimes
  • Cosmopolitanism, national identities and migration
  • Gender and racial discrimination