Professor Jedrzej George Frynas joined Middlesex University, from the University of Birmingham, in 2005. He holds a BA/MA from the University of Cambridge (1995) and a PhD from the University of St Andrews (1999).

His two main research areas are:

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – especially CSR in developing/emerging economies, CSR policies and practices of multinational companies, local community impact and relations, theoretical perspectives on CSR

• International Strategic Management – especially strategies of multinational companies, political issues in company strategies, social and environmental issues in company strategies, cross-national comparative research

Professor Frynas has a specialist interest in the oil and gas sector, having conducted extensive field research on community relations in oil producing countries such as Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome e Principe, Cameroon and Norway.

Professor Frynas provided expert advice to firms and public sector organizations, including Oxford Analytica, Ernst & Young and the UK’s Department for International Development.

Languages spoken

  • Polish – native speaker
  • German – native speaker
  • French - fluent

Professor Frynas currently teaches on the online MBA in Oil and Gas. He has taught at a number of UK universities including the University of Birmingham and the University of Bath, and has wide experience of teaching International Business, Strategic Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has also provided CSR training for private and public sector managers.

Professor Frynas is the co-author of a leading textbook Global Strategic Management, published by Oxford University Press, described as “impressive” by Professor John Child, University of Birmingham, and “excellent” by Professor Keith Glaister, University of Warwick.

Recent Journal Articles:

  • Frynas, J G (2012). “Corporate Social Responsibility or Government Regulation? Evidence on Oil Spill Prevention”, Ecology and Society 17(4), 1-13, ISSN: 1708-3087.
  • Frynas, J G (2010). “Corporate Social Responsibility and Societal Governance: Lessons from Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector”, Journal of Business Ethics 93(2), 163-179, ISSN: 0167-4544.
  • Child, J, Rodrigues, S. B. and Frynas, J G (2009). “Psychic distance, its impact and coping modes: Interpretations of SME decision makers”, Management International Review 49(2), 199-224, ISSN: 0938-8249.
  • Frynas, J G (2008). “Corporate social responsibility and international development: Critical assessment”, Corporate Governance: An International Review 16(4), 274-281, ISSN: 0964-8410.
  • Newell, P and Frynas, J G (2007). “Beyond CSR? Business, poverty and social justice”, Third World Quarterly 28(4), 669-681, ISSN 0143-6597.
  • Frynas, J G, Pigman, G A and Mellahi, K (2006). "First Mover Advantages in International Business and Firm-Specific Political Resources", Strategic Management Journal 27(4), 321-345, ISSN: 1097-0266.
  • Frynas, J G and Wood, G (2006). "The Institutional Basis of Economic Failure: Anatomy of the Segmented Business System", Socio-Economic Review 4(2), 239-277, ISSN: 1475-1461.
  • Blowfield, M and Frynas, J G (2005). "Setting New Agendas: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Developing World", International Affairs 81(3), 499-513, ISSN: 1468-2346.



  • Frynas J G and Mellahi K. (2011).Global Strategic Management (2nd ed.), Oxford University Press (422pp).
  • Frynas J G. (2009). Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility - Oil Multinationals and Social Challenges, Cambridge University Press (207pp).
  • Mellahi K, Frynas J G and Finlay, P. (2005). Global Strategic Management, Oxford University Press (400pp).
  • Frynas J G and Pegg S (2003) (eds). Transnational Corporations and Human Rights, Palgrave(223pp).


Edited Special Issues of Journals:

  • Special Issue of Journal of Corporate Citizenship on 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Economies', 2006.
  • Special Issue of Third World Quarterly on 'Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development', 2007 (edited with Prof. Peter Newell, University of East Anglia).

Principal Investigator for an ESRC seminar series entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Development” (co-applicants included Michael Blowfield, University of Oxford and Jane Fiona Cumming of CSR consultancy firm Article 13), 2008-2011.

Co-Investigator for an ESRC project entitled “The Internationalization of British SMEs to Brazil” (Principal investigator: Prof. John Child, University of Birmingham), 2005-2007.

Principal Investigator for a Nuffield Foundation project entitled “The Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility within Transnational Oil Firms in Africa”, 2003-2005.

Selected engagements:

  • Member, ESRC Reviewer College, from establishment in 2010
  • Consultancy on emerging risks in the global oil and gas sector, for Oxford Analytica, 2012
  • Expert contributor on the oil and gas sector for the Ernst & Young report “Business Risks and Opportunities 2011”
  • Associate, CSR consultancy firm Article 13, from 2007
  • Briefing paper on social impacts of Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), for UK’s Department for International Development, 2006