Jonathan is the Dean and Director of the Institute for Work Based Learning (IWBL) at Middlesex University. The Institute provides the University with programme frameworks for customised work based learning at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Jonathan has over nineteen years experience at the leading edge of the development and operation of work based learning programmes at higher education level (Certificate to Doctorate) with public and private sector organisations in the UK and internationally. Jonathan is Professor of Work Based Knowledge and a founder member of the Work Based Learning Research Centre at Middlesex University.


Relevant Experience and interests:

The development of work based learning as a field of study with particular reference to accreditation, work based research methods and work based projects in various work contexts eg further and higher education, public and private management and administration in the UK and internationally.

In the context of work based learning, the development and application of appropriate and effective forms of assessment (eg portfolio, reflective diary, action planning, action research project), patterns and forms of delivery (eg concentrated, distance, computer based/facilitated) appropriate for work based learning. The teacher as facilitator rather than pedagogue in the context of adult learning in the workplace.

Current research interests include the development and use of university level work based learning to enhance the intellectual capital of organisations; the development of University systems and structures to facilitate joint work with employers; the workplace as a site of learning.