Louise Ryan is Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Social Policy Research Centre


Originally from Ireland, and a graduate of University College Cork, I have been living and working in London since 1992. Having previously worked at University College London, I joined Middlesex in 2004.


I have a particular interest in migration, social networks, gender and religion.

I am currently working on an European funded project (FP7) on early school leaving (with Alessio D'Angelo)


I recently completed an ESRC funded study on Highly Skilled migrants in London (with Dr. Jon Mulholland)



Member of Professional Bodies:

Louise is a trustee and Publications Director of the British Sociological Association

A member of the ESRC Review College


editorial board of Sociology (2008-on-going) and deputy chair of the editorial board (2013-)

and editorial board of International Migration (2010- on-going)


  • 1983-1986 University College Cork, Ireland, Bachelor of Social Science, B.Soc.Sc. 2.1
  • 1986-1987 University College Cork, Masters in Sociology, M.Soc.Sc. 1st class
  • 1989-1992 National University of Ireland, Ph.D. in Sociology. Thesis: 'Feminism in early twentieth century Ireland: a sociological study',


Current work administrative and professional duties/roles:

Co-director of the Social Policy Research Centre, programme leader for the MSc. in research methods, module leader: Research Design, Process and Ethics. Member of Research Ethics Committee.

I also supervise PhDs in issues related to migration, gender, ethnicity and identity.

Recent publications


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Co-edited book

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Chapters in Books

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Research Methods, Migration

  • Gender
  • Migration
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion and Identity
  • Social Networks
  • social movements
  • transnational families

I am currently working :

Early School Leaving in the European Union (FP7) funded by the European Commission (5 year project, 2013-2018)

Other research council and European-funded projects:

Highly skilled French Migrants in London’s Financial and Business sectors (2010-2012)– funded by ESRC Grant Holders: Mulholland and Ryan

Polish Children in London Primary Schools: a knowledge exchange and transfer project - funded by ESRC, Granted Holders: Louise Ryan and Alessio D’Angelo

Enhancing Evidence Based Policy Making in Gender and Migration' March2008-2010, international consortium (lead partner APRE (Agency for thePromotion of European Research), Italy, other partners Austria, Hungary, France and UK (Kofman and Ryan), funded by the European Commission, FP7

Recent Polish Migrants to London: settlement and transience’ 2006-2007, Funded by the ESRC grant holders: Louise Ryan, Rosemary Sales and Mary Tilki

‘Depression in Irish Migrants to London: a qualitative study’ 2003-04. Funded by ESRC Grant Holders: Leavey, King and Ryan

Consultancies, evaluations and smaller projects:

Evaluation of Services -Commissioned by London Borough of Barnet (2013)

Mapping of Needs and Provision of services in the Diocese of Westminster - commissioned by Caritas (2013)

Engaging Muslim Youth in Barnet - commissioned by London Borough of Barnet (2007-2010) funded by Dept of Communities and Local Govt.

National mapping of services for elderly people - January- July 2009 Funded by Caritas Social Action Network Grant Holders: Louise Ryan, Alessio D'Angelo and MaryTilki

'Ethnic Chaplains in the Catholic Church in England and Wales' grant holder: Louise Ryan, funded by Catholic Bishops Conference. (2009)

''Economic activity among Bangladeshi women in Ponders End' May 2007- March 2008, grant holders: Eleonore Kofman and Louise Ryan - Community Aid

'The forgotten Irish' July 2007, grant holders: Mary Tilki, Louise Ryan,Alessio D'Angelo and Rosemary Sales (Ireland Fund of Great Britain)

'Polish children in London Primary Schools' grant holders: Sales, Ryan, D'Angelo funded by Multiverse (2008)