Personal Web Page:

Selected Publications:

  • Flynn, M and Croucher, R, (2006), "Retired members in a British Union", Work, Employment and Society, 20 (3), 593-603, ISSN: 1469-8722.
  • Flynn, M, Dutton, N and McNair, S, (2007),"Employer responses to an ageing workforce: A qualitative study", Research Report No 455 for Department for Work and Pensions, 176 pages. This report presented findings from interviews with 70 managers on age management. The report was commissioned by DWP to gauge the impact of the Equality Employment (Age) Regulations on employer behaviour and the data was the basis of an employer best practice guide published jointly by the TUC and CIPD.
  • Flynn, M and McNair, S, (2007),"The age dimension of employment practices: Employer case studies", Employment Relations Research Series No.42 for Department of Trade and Industry, 160 pages This report presented findings from 14 employer case studies (within each, senior, HR and line managers were interviewed) on age management policies and practices. It was commissioned by DTI following the Coming of Age consultation paper and was influential in shaping the Equality Employment (Age) Regulations 2006.

Other Publications:

  • Flynn, M. and McNair, S. (2007) Managing Age: a guide to good employment practice, jointly published by CIPD and TUC, London.
  • McNair, S. and M. Flynn (2006) Managing an Ageing Workforce in Nine Key Sectors, Department for Work and Pensions, London.
  • McNair, S., Flynn, M., Humphreys, C., Woodfield, S., and L. Owen, (2004) Older People Changing Work: A report on Job Change in Britain, University of Surrey, Guildford, 90 pages.

Refereed Articles in Academic Journals:

Owen, L. and M. Flynn (2005). Changing Work: Mid to Late Life Transitions in Employment", Ageing International, Vol. 29, No. 4, 233-250.

Current Projects:

  • Muller-Camen, M. and Flynn, M.Age Diversity at the Workplace: A Comparative Study on the Influence of National Institutions on Employers' Age Management Practices, sponsored by ESRC from September 2007
  • McNair, S. and Flynn, M.Age Management: a qualitative study of employer policies and practices, sponsored by DWP
  • McNair, S. and Flynn, M.Learning and Work in Later Life, sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation

Past Projects and Awards:

  • Knowledge Management in the Automotive Industry, European Social Fund, Article 6 The Effects of Gender and Qualifications on Older People's Employability, Higher Education European Social Fund
  • The Older Workforce in the South East, South East of England Development Agency
  • The Age Dimension of Employment Practice, Department for Trade and Industry
  • Giving Members a Voice- a study of trade union representation o ESRC CASE Studentship (collaborative grant to Cranfield University and the Public and Commercial Services Union)

Links with Partner/Business Organisations:

  • CIPD
  • TUC
  • Age Concern
  • Third Age Employment Network
  • Public Services International
  • Employers Forum on Age
  • International HRM
  • Employment Relations
  • Age Discrimination
  • Public Sector Management
  • Employment Relations
  • Trade Union Management

I am also participating in a global project looking at quality of working life over the lifecourse. This is headed up by the Center for Aging at Boston College, and includes academics from around the World looking at issues such as retirement, equality, flexibility, lifelong learning, and career development. I am leading the research strand looking at the impact of public policy on the quality of working life.