Selected Publications:

  1. "Bounded Composition Operators on Weighted Bergman Spaces", Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, (2001)256 (2), 650-667, ISSN: 1096-0813.
  2. "Shift Invariant Subspaces of Composition Operators", Archiv der Mathematik,(2005) 84 (3), 258-267, ISSN: 14208938.
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  4. "The Nielsen Kernel of an Arbitrary Riemann Surface", Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, (2006) 38 (5), 825-828,ISSN: 14692120.
  5. A note on the Königs domain of compact composition operators on the Bloch space”, Journal of Inequalities and Applications, (2011) 2011:31

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Matt has taught mathematics and statistics to a wide range of audiences, from first year business students to engineers and computer scientists. In the last few years he has concentrated on teaching applied statistics and operational research to management students.

Matt studied for a PhD in mathematics at UCL specialising in the interconnections between operator theory, functional analysis and complex analysis in the context of composition operators. Since then he has continued to develop his research profile and currently works in such diverse areas as complex analysis and differential and algebraic topology. His most recent work showed that the Nielsen kernel of an arbitrary orbifold has empty interior, this extended and refined a proof of this fact on Riemann surfaces.