• Professor of Design Engineering
  • ProgrammeLeader - MSc Design Engineering and Manufacturing Management
  • Visiting Professor, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Patents, Design Registrations, Trademarks:

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  • Prior, S.D., Erbil, M.A., Foran, T., Odedra, S. and Karamanoglu, M., (2008) Compact Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Trademark HALO 2494871, Newport, Date Filed: 8 August

Articles and Chapters in Edited Books:

  • Herd, K., Bardill, A. and Karamanoglu, M., 2009, 'The Co-design Experience: Conceptual Models and Design Tools for Mass Customisation', (Chapter in) Mass Customization, Personalization and User Co-creation, (edited by) Frank Piller and Mitchell Tseng, World Scientific Press, USA. (invited contribution- in press)

Refereed articles in Academic Journals:

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Refereed and published conference proceedings:

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Other refereed and/or non-published conference contributions:

  • Karamanoglu M, 1998, 'Modelling of Mechanical Systems using Working Model 3.0', (Invited contribution) Seminar organised by Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Engineering, Queen Mary& Westfield College, University of London
  • Karamanoglu M, 1996, (Presentation) 'Use of Witness at Middlesex University', Technology Transfer Unit Seminar, Lee Valley Technopark, London
  • Karamanoglu M, 1996, (Presentation) 'Simulation in Manufacturing and Automation', AT&T Istel, Redditch

Review Articles:

Research Grants and Awards:

  • HEFCE (SRIF) - £100,000 (2006) Research equipment grant secured via MURO for setting up an e-Science facility equipped with GRID computing technology. This is a collaborative project with Prof Richard Bayford (HSS) and Prof Mark Woodman (CS)
  • HEFCE (SRIF) - £38,000 (2006) Research equipment grant secured via MURO for supporting a research project in exploring robotic applications in furniture manufacture, in collaboration with Unto This Last Ltd.
  • EPSRC- Collaborative Training Account - £362,500 (2004 - 2009) EPSRC Grant No: GR/T18844/01 Grant Holders: Dr Mehmet Karamanoglu& Dr Stephen Prior
  • HEFCE (SRIF) - £35,000 (2004) Research infrastructure funds secured to setup a postgraduate research centre for Product Design and Engineering. Dr Mehmet Karamanoglu
  • DTI - Teaching Company Scheme - Martin Dannell& Co. Ltd. - £146,595 (1997 - 1999) DTI - £71,645 ; Company - £74,950 TCS Programme No: 2330 Grant holders: Mehmet Karamanoglu, Raj Gill
  • DTI - Teaching Company Scheme - Philton Polythene Converters Ltd. - £142,640 (1996 - 1998) DTI - £54,250 ;Company - £88,390 TCS Programmes No: 1886 Grant holders: Raj Gill, Mehmet Karamanoglu, Andrew Tizzard
  • EPSRC - Teaching Company Scheme - Rhone Poulenc Agriculture Ltd. - £565,212 (1995 - 1998) EPSRC -£165,500 ; Company - £399,712 EPSRC Grant No: GR/K47535/01 Grant holders: Raj Gill, Mehmet Karamanoglu
  • EPSRC - Teaching Company Scheme - Rimmer Brothers - £243,121 (1994 - 1998) EPSRC -£146,211 ; Company - £69,810 EPSRC Grant No: GR/J98431/01 Grant holders: Raj Gill, Anthony White, Mehmet Karamanoglu
  • EPSRC- Teaching Company Scheme - Tony Stone Images - £184,790 (1993 - 1995) EPSRC -£139,023 ; Company - £45,767 EPSRC Grant No: GR/J41147/01 Grant holders: Raj Gill, Mehmet Karamanoglu

Languages spoken

English, Turkish

  • PDE4602 - Thesis
  • PDE4221 - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management Practice
  • PDE2293 - Feature Based Modelling and CAM
  • PDE2251 - Design in Context
  • Keywords: Mass Customisation; Industrial Automation; Robotics; Advanced Manufacturing; Mechatronics; Autonomous Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Boundary Elements Method; Design Education; Engineering Education; Discrete Event Simulation.
  • Dr Karamanoglu is the SEMTA SkillsEng sector representative for Mechatronics and the National organiser for Mechatronics competition for Worldskills-UK.

Research Supervision:

Director of Studies:

  • Siddharth Odedra - Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (PhD - due in 2013)
  • Katherine Herd - The Development of Design Process Methods for Mass Customisation (PhD - awarded in 2012)
  • Andrew Tizzard - Modelling and Analysis of the Human Head for Image Reconstruction Techniques Using Commercial Computer-Aided Design Tools (PhD- awarded 2007)

Second Supervisor:

  • Kettil Cedercreutz - Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Higher Education Administration - Union Institute& University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (PhD awarded 2007)
  • Alistair Fleming - Tailoring Concurrent Engineering to Small Companies (MPhil awarded 2000)
  • Denys Dugendre - Integration and Operational Strategy of a Flexible Robotic System for Pesticide Analysis (MPhil awarded 1999)
  • Cristina Diaz - Control Strategy for a Flexible Analytical Chemistry Robotics System (MPhil awarded 1999)
  • Chee Wai Wong - Numerical Modelling of Masonry Panels Subject to Loading form Gas Explosions (PhD awarded 1997)
  • Amanda Hollands - The Implementation of a Production Planning and Control System in a Non-traditional Manufacturing Environment (MPhil awarded 1997)