PhD in English Literature, Univeristy of London, Queen Mary College, 1984 'The Faith and the Plan: the theme of responsibility in the novels of Joyce Cary'

MA in Later Victorian and Edwardian Literature, University of Manchester, 1979.

BA(Hons) First Class in English Literature with Art History, Middlesex Polytechnic, CNAA 1977

Merja Makinen is a Principal Lecturer in English Literature and Director of Programmes for the Culture and Communications group within the Media department. She writes on twentieth century fiction, particularly women's writing, gender and popular fiction.

She is module leader for the level 4 module English Literature generic module and a specialist level 6 module on Gender, Violence and the Postmodern. She also teaches on the level 5 Twentieth Century Literature.

She has a dual focus to her research, looking at feminist theory, gender, and women:'s writing in the twentieth century, particularly Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson, alongside research on popular genre fictions. She has examined feminist appropriation of romance, fairy tale and detective fiction. She is also, in both spheres of her research, interested in the textual formulations of feminine desire, the erotic, and violence. She is currently an international researcher on Agatha Christie and gender.


Merja welcomes the opportunity to supervise PhD students in the areas of women's writing and gender in writing in the twentieth and twenty-first century literature. She has also supervised in the areas of women writers and gender in popular literary fictions (fantasy, fairy tale, detective fictin etc.)


Authored Books:

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Articles& Chapters in Books

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Interviewed for the radio series on Agatha Christie for France Culture, 'Grande traversee Agatha Christie' 19-23rd August 2013, 10-11 am, specifically 'Strychnine et vieilles mitaines' 21/08/2013.

Invited keynote speaker for the Agatha Christie conference, Exeter University, April 2013