Selected Publications:

  • Brookes, M, Brewster, C andWood, G,(2005), "Social Relations, Firms and Societies: A Study of Institutional Embeddedness", International Sociology, 20 (4), 403-426, ISSN: 0268-5809.
  • Brookes, M, Brewster, C, Wood, G and Van Ommeren, J, (2006), "What Determines the Size of HR Function? A Cross-National Analysis.",Human Resource Management, 45 (1), 3-21, ISSN: 0090-4848.
  • Brookes, M, Brewster, C, Wood, G and Croucher, R, (2007), "Collective and Individual Voice: Convergence in Europe?", International Journal of Human Resource Management, 18 (7), 1246-1262, ISSN: 0958-5192.
  • Brookes, M, Brewster, C, Wood, G and Croucher, R, (2007), "Are Works Councils and Joint Consultative Committees a Threat to Trade Unions? A Comparative Analysis", Economic and Industrial Democracy, 28 (1), 53-81, ISSN: 1461-7099.

Other Publications:

  • Similarity, Isomorphism and Duality. With Chris Brewster and Geoff Wood. Forthcoming in British Journal of Management. Blackwell Publishing.

Honours and Prizes:

  • 'The Determinants of HR Staff Numbers', with Geoff Wood and Chris Brewster. Human Resource Management (US) Volume 45 Number 1 Spring 2006 pp3-21. Wiley. Rated as a Paper of Excellence by the US Academy of Management in their 2007 IHRM Scholarly Awards.

  • Economics of Human Resources
  • Wage Discrimination
  • Industrial Relations
  • Comparative HRM