PhD in Economics (University of Ancona, Italy), MSc in Economics (University of Glasgow), Laurea Cum Laude in Political Science (Italy)

Selected Publications:

  • Mason, G., O'Leary, B., Vecchi, M. (2012). Certified and uncertified skills and productivity growth performance: cross-country evidence at industry level. Labour Economics 19(3), 351-360.
  • Bournakis, I., Vecchi, M. (2010). Tangible and intangible capital and the pattern of specialisation in the EU. Review of Economics and Institutions, vol. 1, 1-28.
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  • Vecchi, M, Darby, J and Hart, R, (2001), "Wages, work intensity and unemployment in Japan, UK and USA", Labour Economics, 8 (2), 243-258, ISSN: 09275371.

Other Publications:

Articles and Chapters in Edited Books:

  • Rincon, A., Vecchi, M. (2003). Productivity performance at the company level. In O'Mahony M. and van Ark, B. (eds) EU productivity and competitiveness: an industry perspective. Can Europe resume the catching-up process?. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities(
  • OMahony, M., Vecchi, M., (2000). Tangible and Intangible Investment and Economic Performance: Evidence from Company Accounts. Buiges, P., Jacquemin, A., Marchipont, F. (eds.), Competitiveness and the Value of Intangible Assets, Edward Elgar, UK, 2000.

Referred Articles:

  • Darby, J., Hart, R., Vecchi, M., (2001). Labour Force Participation and Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Comparative Analysis of Europe, Japan and the United States. Japan and the World Economy, 13, 113-133.
  • Vecchi, M., (2000). Increasing Returns versus Externalities: Pro-Cyclical Productivity in US and Japan. Economica 67, 229-244.


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Official Reports:

  • Croucher, R., White, G., Vecchi, M. (2011). The impact of the minimum wage on the youth labour market. An international literature review for the Low Pay Commission. Other contributors include: Bournakis, I., Bourgess, P., Hawkes, D., Sepulveda, L., Symon, G., Tzouramani, E., Vandekerckhove, W., Veersma, U.
  • Mason, G., OLeary, B., Vecchi, M. (2007). Cross country analysis of productivity and skills at sector level. Report to the Sector Skill Development Agency (
  • Vecchi, M., Barrell, R., Becker, B., Schmidt-Ehmcke, J., Stephan, A., (2007). The determinants of investment in industrial R and D in the United Kingdom and in Germany. Report to the Anglo-German foundation.
  • OMahony, M., Stevens, P., Vecchi, M. , Weale, M.R (2003). Measuring the cost effectiveness of local authorities. Commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM).

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  • Royal Economic Society

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  • Visiting Fellow, National Institute of Economic and Social Research

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