Curriculum/subject area

Substance use/ alcohol/ drugs/ policy


Professor Thom is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Drugs: education, prevention and policy published by Informa Healthcare

Selected publications:

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  • Thom B. (forthcoming, 2009) Working with communities: a feature of multi-component programmes to tackle alcohol and drug-related harm Slovenian Journal of Social Work
    Eisenbach-Stangl, I., Moskalewicz J., Thom B. (eds.) (forthcoming, 2009) Multi-City Study on Quantities and Financing of Illicit Drug Consumption Ashridge

Professor Thom is leading the development of a European Masters in Drug and Alcohol Studies. This is a partnership with Aarhus University in Denmark, Ljubljana University in Slovenia and Universita del Piemonte Orientale A Avogardo, Italy. The development is funded by Erasmus, Life Long Learning Programme.

Professor Thom is a sociologist with a special interest in social and policy aspects of alcohol and illicit drug use. Recent research has included a study on the local implementation of the Alcohol Licensing Act 2003, work on young people and 'binge' drinking, and the local implementation of national policy, in particular, research on partnership as a mechanism for policy delivery and multi-component programmes as a response to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. Cross-national research includes a European study looking at the consumption of illicit drugs in six European cities, a partnership with the National Healthy Lifestyles Centre in Almaty to examine the development of alcohol policy and women's alcohol consumption in Kazakhstan, and a joint project with European partners to develop common measures of alcohol-related harm. Professor Thom is a member of the international advisory committee, University of Pretoria, South Africa for the research project. 'Economic costs of problems related to psychoactive substance use'.