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Scientific and Teaching & Learning Commentaries and Articles

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External lectures as an Invited Speaker

  • 8th July 2008. Perspectives on the monitoring and clinical utility of hCG measurement in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. International Conference on Gonadotropins and Receptor (ICGRII), Theobald Park, Hertfordshire, UK
  • 16th April 2005. Immunodepletion of hCG beta reduces cancer cell growth in vitro: a potential for anti-hCGß vaccines as an adjuvant therapy for epithelial cancers. International Meeting on Gonadotropins and Receptors. University of Atlanta, Athens, Georgia, USA
  • 15th June 2001. Suitability of home test devices for detecting early pregnancy forms of hCG. 3rd Annual Women's Health Research Syposium. New Mexico H
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  • Metabolic Biochemistry & Endocrinology
  • Tumour marker biochemistry
  • Reproductive and Developmental Biochemistry
  • Protein & Proteomic Biochemistry
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Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) structure/function Cancer Biomarkers and Reproductive Biochemistry

  • Ectopic hCG and hCGbeta expression by cancer
  • hCG in diagnosis and monitoring pregnancy
  • Normal and abnormal pregnancy diagnosis (trophoblast disease/ectopic pregnancy/down syndrome)
  • Anti- hCGβ cancer vaccines / immunodepletion of hCG
  • MALDI - TOF glyco-proteomics of hCG
  • Gestational Aspartame Metabolism