Selected publications

Chapters in Books

Evergeti, V. and Ryan, L. (forthcoming) 'Negotiating transnational caring practices among migrant families' in Kofman, E. (ed.) Gender, Generations and the Family in International Migration. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Evergeti, V. (2008) Notions of 'home' and belonging among Greeks in the UK in Ryan, L. and Webster, W. (eds.) Gendering Migration: masculinity, femininity and ethnicity in post-war Britain. London: Ashgate.

Evergeti, V. (2005) Boundary formations and identity expressions in everyday interactions: The case of Muslim Minorities in Greece'. In Stacul, J. Moutsou, C. and Kopnina, H. (eds.) Crossing European Boundaries: Beyond Conventional Geographical Boundaries. Oxford: Berghahn Publications.

Evergeti, V. (2003) Paper-Mail and the Social Organisation of Domestic Space in Laske, T. (ed.) Social Constructions of Space: The Territory of the Anthropology of Communication. Editions de L'Universtie de Liege.

Refereed articles

Evergeti, V. (2006a) Living and Caring between two cultures: narratives of Greek women in Britain in Community, Work and Family Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 347-366.

Evergeti, V. and Zontini, E. (2006b) Introduction: Some critical reflections on social capital, migration and transnational families, in Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. 29, No. 6, pp. 1025-1039.

Evergeti, V. (2004) Trust and social capital in the field: reflections from an Interactionist ethnography in minority communities in Greece, in Ros Edwards (ed.) Social Capital in the Field. Families and Social Capital Working Papers Series.

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Evergeti, V. (2000) Exploring Ethnic Identity Formations and Negotiations from an Interactionist Perspective: Ethnography in W. Thrace in Ethnic Identities and Political Action in Post-Cold War Europe vol.2 Laboratory of Anthropology and International Democritus Foundation.

Co-editor Special Issues

Ethnic and Racial Studies Special Issue on 'Social Capital, Migration and Transnational Families' (29:6) 2006

Research Reports

Goulbourne, H. Evergeti, V. and Kotsogianni, A. (2004) Heritage and Identity in Contemporary Britain, Report to the Lottery Fund

Evergeti, V. (2001) Sociological and Ethnographic Approaches to Organisational Culture, Identity and CMC. Report prepared for COMMORG EU Project. (EU Deliverable D. 2.1)

Evergeti, V. (2001) Consumerism, Sustainability and Human Needs. Report Prepared for the ASSIST EU Project (EU Deliverable D.5.1)

Harper, R. Evergeti, V. Hamill, L. Watson, R. (2000) The Affordances of Paper Mail, Final Report, Post Office/DWRC, University of Surrey.

Selected Conference Papers

Identity and Otherness through Transnational Family Networks. Paper presented at conference on Sociology in Greece Today in Panteion University, Athens, Greece 9-11 November 2005.

Visualising Minority Communities: The Stranger Within. Paper presented in the International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference on Visualising Community, State and Nation: Images of Power and Social Bond. Santorini, Greece. July 2002.

Tensions and Interactions on the Internet: the case of Pomak Mailing Lists. Paper presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Ethnic Identities and Political Action in Post-Cold War Europe. Xanthi, Greece. August 2001.

Ethnography in Western Thrace: Social Identity from an Interactionist Approach. Paper Presented in the 2nd International Symposium on Ethnic Identities and Political Action in Contemporary Europe Xanthi, Greece August 2000.

Boundary Formations and Identity Expressions in Everyday Interactions: the Case of a Muslim Village in Greece. Paper presented in the 6th Biennial EASA conference on Crossing Categorical Boundaries: Religion as Politics /Politics as Religion Krakow, July 2000.

Invited Lectures

Ethnicity and Social Capital in Greek and Greek Cypriot communities in UK and the US. University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA. October 2003.

Identity Politics within Borderline Minorities: Muslim Communities in Western Thrace. University of Oxford, ESRC Research Program on Transnational Communities. February 2001.

Paper Based Communications and Domestic Organisation, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, June 2000.

Identity, ethnicity and migration. Transnationalism and family networks. Qualitative methodologies. Sociological analysis. Symbolic Interactionism and ethnography.

My principal academic interests are in interactionist sociology and the ethnographic study of ethnicity and identity. Within this field I have explored two key research domains: identification processes among indigenous Muslim communities in Greece and the interplay between ethnicity and transnational family networks in relation to the Greek Diaspora in the UK, (developed within the Families and Social Capital Research Group at London South Bank University Currently, I am expanding and updating my earlier work on indigenous Muslim communities in Greece, by examining their changing status in the context of recent waves of migration to Greece from predominantly Muslim countries. Also, I am developing work on the issues of ethnicity, identity and belonging among Greek communities in the UK and their family and kinship networks 'back home'. Together with other colleagues at Middlesex, I am exploring the symbolism and every day life of mosques and the role of Muslim elites in multicultural Britain.