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  • CMT1000 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CMT2300 - Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (Module Leader)
  • Xiaohong has worked in the following research areas: the development of an electronic library, the first online digital library in Europe at De Montfort University Milton Keynes, trademark image retrieval at University of Northumbria at Newcastle, retinal image analysis at Imperial College, and 3D brain image mapping at Cambridge University.
  • Her current research interests include image analysis for medical applications, especially for brain and retinal images, image retrieval, colour imaging, and pattern recognition for traffic signs. She is the Principle investigator for an EPSRC grant (GR/N38725) working with Cambridge University and IGE Medical Systems Limited.

Research Supervision:

Director of Studies

  • Stephen Batty: Content-Based Retrieval of 3D PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Neurological Images (PhD awarded 2004)
  • Kunbin Hong: Development of a detection system for identification of traffic signals (PhD awarded 2005)
  • Qian Yu: Image compression

Second Supervisor

  • Vooi Voon Yap: Coding of synthetic images using wavelets (PhD awarded 2005)