Principal Lecturer at the Institute of Work Based Learning Middlesex University

Director of Prgrammes and Module Leadership within the Doctorate in Professional Studies responsible for:

Review of Learning module DPS4520 including APEL claims at level 4 and 5

Development of curriculum and elearning resources to support candidates

Advising of twenty DProf candidates

Training and supervision of DProf advisors

LINK tutor with a joint collaborative programme DPsych at Metanoia Institute

CEO of the Professional Development Foundation. 2003-2010

A not-for-profit research trust offering professional work based Masters Degrees through validated partnership with the Institute for Work Based Learning Partnerships at Middlesex University.

Senior Consultant, Centre for Educational Leadership, University of Manchester 2008

Senior Consultant and Programme Director for MA in Educational Leadership. Responsible for: Curriculum overhaul of MA in Educational Leadership. Review of leadership and change models for inclusion and coherence with Professional Qualifications for Head Teachers

Development of coaching offer to schools in Manchester and Liverpool including the setting up of Action Research Sets of School Networks to determine the appropriate integration of coaching within their school context. Tutor on coaching modules and consultant to school coaches Liaison with Manchester Business School Coaching Centre

Senior Scientist at Institute of Food Research (IFR), Norwich

A UK centre for research, sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, to carry out independent basic and strategic research on food safety, quality, nutrition and health.

Designer and Manager of the Food & Health Network, 2001-2003

A national network of industry stakeholders and senior scientists tasked to identify, utilize and further develop IFR‟s strategic and fundamental scientific expertise for the benefit of the UK Food Industry. Responsible for the development of expertise clusters of experts from industry and research to address pre-competitive issues in food manufacturing, food safety and nutrition through the development of research projects.

Research Leader, Organic Micronutrient Section 1998-2003

Head of Colloids and Interfaces Group 1995-1998

Senior Scientific Officer 1987-1995


Varied during course of last five years: examples include:

Design of an evaluation framework for the training and development programme of a major multinational company - Unilever 2005

Training of the European Mentoring and Coaching Councils’ assessors for their recent initiative to kite mark coach training programmes. 2006

Team building intervention for a City Legal Firm 2007

Team coaching of an external Institute’s scientific strategy team. 2008

Coaching intervention with Rouse Ltd 2009

Private practice of coaching clients (approx 4-6 ongoing

Research Supervision


Principal PhD Supervisor

M.Wickham ‘ Physicochemical characterization of lipid phases in the gut’ 1998 UEA

P.Wilde ‘Physicochemical stability of foams and emulsions’ 2002 PhD Publication UEA

J-B Arboley Payo ‘Whipping characteristics of Synthetic Creams’ 2004 UEA

E. Tydeman ‘Carotenoid release during digestion’ 2007 UEA


DProf Advisor to:

P.Manning ‘Consultation skills in Veterinary Practice’ 2007 NCWBLP, Middlesex University

B. Viner ‘Introducing Clinical Audit within Practice’ 2007 NCWBLP, Middlesex University

S.Shuttleworth ‘Professional Learning in Veterinary Practice’ 2007 NCWBLP, Middlesex University

G.Duncanson ‘Practitioner research publication’ 2008 NCWBLP, Middlesex University

Currently DProf Advisor to 20 candidates and DProf Consultant to one at University of Chester Department of Theology


Relevant External Activities

Chair of the International Steering Group of the Global Coaching Community 2009-present

Special Advisor to the President/CEO of the World Wide Association of Business Coaches 2010

Chair of the Training Course Accreditation Panel for the World Wide Association of Business Coaches 2009- present

Moderator of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council - Training School Accreditation Board 2007-2009. Responsible for the initial training and mentoring of UK and Europe wide network of assessors.

Honorary Chairman of the RSC Food Group (first female Chair) 2003-2006 Responsible for chairing of the board with a membership drawn from the Professors of Food Science from UK Universities; the initiation of activities in support of members needs; in particular the instigation of conferences on emerging issues and also the promotion of members’ interests to policy makers and funders.

Honorary Secretary of the RSC Food Group 2000-2003

Member of the EU Concerted Action PROTALL 1999-2002

Task leader of the EU Shared Cost Action ALLERGEST 2001-2004

Member of European Food Technology Platform ‘Food for Life’ 2005.

UK representative on working party tasked with identifying role and scope of horizontal activities ‘communication, training and technology transfer’. Providing expertise on knowledge management in organisations, knowledge production modes, technology transfer and training.

  • The Professional Doctorate and the development of reflective practice in senior practitioners
  • The use of a critically reflective review of learning to develop this competence
  • The development of a model of practice for DProf Advising akin and drawing upon established coaching models.
  • The use of on-line environments in advising practice.
  • The role of coaching in the flourishing of organisations through the development of coaching cultures.
  • The production of knowledge within the new economy; its management within organisations and facilitating the learning of individuals.
  • The role of executive coaching within the development portfolio of executives and
  • the development of expertise within professional practice.