Carol Costley is a Professor in Work Based Learning and Head of Research and Research Degrees at the Institute for Work Based Learning. She gained her PhD (1995) from the University of Surrey and she holds a Master’s Degree in Work Based Learning Studies. She also holds professional qualifications in teaching and learning.

Relevant Experience and Interests:

Carol works with organisations in the private, public, community and voluntary sectors internationally in the learning and teaching of work-based, taught and research degrees. She is link tutor for Ashridge Consulting for the Doctorate in Organisational Change. She was link for Forum for the Future, Masters in Professional Studies programme 1999-2006 and Cyprus cohorts 1996-2009. She is Chair of the International Conference on Professional Doctorates 2009- present, Vice-Chair of the ‘Association of Practice Doctorates’ 2009- present and ‘Researching Work and Learning’ conference series committee member 1999- present. She was an executive member of the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) 2005-2011 and convenor of the UALL network for Work Based Learning 1998-2011.


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Principal research interests include examining methodologies and epistemologies in work based learning and how they are additional to and support subject based approaches to knowledge. Within that looking particularly at work based learning as a field of study, especially transdisciplinarity, equity and access. Carol has a research interest in the ethical issues involved in practitioner-led research and development projects and the issues that concern the professional area as well as those issues usually considered by researchers. Other research interests include assessment and accreditation of work based learning, policy issues in relation to the work based learning curriculum and research in work based learning and professional studies.