Selected Publications

  • Isaacs, A., Critchley, J., Buckingham, K., See Tai, S., Westley, D., Harridge, S. Gottlieb, J.(2007). EXERT - randomised trial comparing leisure centre-based exercise on prescription,home-based walking and usual advice in primary care.Health Technology Assessments, 11(10), 1-165.
  • Westley, D. P., Barry, R., and le Boutillier, N. When and Why the Penny Drops: the role of activation and inhibition in sudden insight. Manuscript in preparation (forthcoming).
  • Westley, D. P., Barry, R., Coulson, M., Green, G., le Boutillier, N. The proprioceptive McGurk effect (forthcoming).
  • Miles, C., Westley, D.P., and Buller, M.J. (1995). Post-categorical processing and attenuation of the auditory suffix: Evidence from both immediate and delayed suffixes. Acta Psychologica, 89, 261-282.

Conference proceedings

  • Jalmbrant, M., LeBoutillier, N., and Westley, D.P. (2002). Priming in imagery perceptual versions of Paivio's mental clock task. Presented at the 2002 BPS Annual Conference, Blackpool
  • Sandamass, G., Westley, D.P. and Hogman, G. (2002). Relationships between advice, information, choice and the type of antipsychotic drug prescribed to people with schizophrenia in the UK. Presented at the 2002 BPS Annual Conference, Blackpool.
  • Price, C., LeBoutillier, N., and Westley, D.P. (2001). Assessing the perceptual equivalence hypothesis in Paivio's mental clocks task. Presented at the 2001 BPS centennial conference, Glasgow, March.


Psychology of Consciousness; Cognition; Atypical Childhood Development.

  • Conscious and unconscious processes in problem solving and creativity
  • Social identity in British Sign Language users
  • Modality and suffix effects in immediate memory
  • Peer assessment of group work