Dr Lola-Peach Martins joined the HRM Academic Group, Middlesex University in March 1999. She previously worked for British Airways as a recruitment/seslection executive - recruiting Pursers and working alonside Cabin Service Directors (CSDs) throughout the process. She later joineda Large UKPet Food Companywhere she was responsible for establishing and managing their HRM department, working alongside Engineering Team Leaders with core HRM responsibilities. In 1996/1997 she gained full support and funding from the UK's Goverenment and Kodak PLC for her project which was designed to assist unemployed people in finding work, developing transferable skills, and therefore developing and retaining their employability potential.

Dr Martins is an avid academic/researcher in Leadership and Management Development.

In celebration of Management Decision's 50th Anniversary, highlighting the importance of research and impact, Dr Martins' research paper "A Holistic Framework for the Strategic Management of First Tier Managers" was listed by Emerald as their most down loaded paper (over 46,000 downloads). Her current research focuses on Management and Leadership Development vis-a-vis Disaster Management.; and International Management/Leadership Development.

Other areas of interest include:

  • Spiritual leadership in the workplace
  • Toxic Management/Leadership, and cost implications
  • The Inflluence and impact of art-making on information seeking/research, and learning
  • The use and impact of Reflective Learning Frameworks in higher eduaction

Most recent qualifications

Dr Martins holds a:

  • PhD in management and leadership development, and strategic HRM
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE)
  • MA HRM (dissertation focus Trainer Training).

She is a :

  • Chartered Memeber of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Awards and Nominations

  • Nominated for best PGCHE portfolio prize
  • Awarded a Lloyds Maritime Academy and Middlesex University Certificate in recognition for her contribution towards Best Module MBA Shipping and Logistics Programme 2011-2012


  • Module Leader: Developing Effective Management and Leadership (Final Year Undergraduates)
  • Previously Module Tutor/Module Leadership Contributor: MBA in Shipping and Logistics (Executive Leadership Online Module)
  • Designed and ran Project Management and Team Building workshops for Thailand MoD
  • Designed and ran Team Building workshops for Senior Executive SINOPEC, China
  • Previously Module Tutor for Consulting in Organisations (Final Year Undergraduates)

MA Dissertation Supervioin

  • Over 12 Years Experience in MA/MSc/MBA Dissertation Supervision (Including International Placements)

Doctoral Supervision

  • Supervised one (completed and passed in 2012)

My Key areas of interest are linked to my Academic out put and other public output

Academic Output

  • Martins, L.P., 2012, Educating Today’s Line Managers To Become Tomorrow’s Heroes: The Usefulness of a Soft-Skills Approach BAM Conference 2012, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Cardiff
  • Martins, L.P., Baruch, Y., A.L. Humbert, Wilson, D. 2012, Multiple Discrimination Perception and its Impact on Manager's Career, 2012, EGOS Conference, Helsinki
  • Martins, L.P., 2011, Disaster Management: A Critical Role for First Line Managers (Fundamentals in a Fierce Global Environment and Economy), BAM Conference 2011, Aston Business School, Birmingham
  • Martins, L.P., 2010, HRM in Manufacturing, Book Chapter in Critical Issues in HRM, (ed. Roper..I., et al), London: CIPD
  • Martins, L.P., 2010, Stream: Leadership in Creating, and Sustaining Diversity Synergies, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Conference, The Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Martins, L.P., 2011, Management, Line Management (Leadership), Diversity and Organisational Learning, 11th International HRM Conference, Aston Business School, Birmingham
  • Martins, L.P. 2009, The Nature of the Changing Role of First Tier Mangers: A Long-Cycle Approach, Journal of Organisational Change Management, Vol. 22, No.1, 92-123
  • Martins, L.P., 2010, Arts, Doctoral Research, and Learning: The Divine Connection , The Mental Health & Social Work CETL Pedagogic Research Group and the Learning Development Unit Report, Middlesex University
  • Martins, L.P., and Grahl 2009, “Customer Relations and HRM Restructuring: Theory and Some New Evidence” Management Decision, Working Paper, Middlesex University Repository
  • Martins, L., P., 2009, The Arts, Doctoral Research, and Learning: The Divine Connection, International Journal of Arts and Science Conference, Austria
  • Martins, L.P., 2007, A Holistic Framework For The Strategic Management Of First Tier Managers , Management Decision Journal, Vol.45, No.3, 616-641
  • Martins L.P., 2007, The Strategic Management of First-Tier-Managers: A British Aerospace Engineering/Manufacturing Company Case Study, Thesis
  • Martins, L., P., 2006, The People Management Role of First Tier Managers: Changes, Problems and Challenges, CIPD Professional Standards Conference, Keele

Book Reviews

  • Business Creativity, 2009, Pearson Education
  • Leadership, Sage, 2012

Book Titles/Contributions

  • Martins, L. P., Wood, G., 2010, HRM in Manufacturing, (Book Chapter in Critical Issues in Human Resource Management, Ed. Roper., I, Prouska, R., & Chatrakul, U.,), London: CIPD
  • Martins, L, P., 2010, Line Management (Leadership), Diversity, and Organisational Learning (Chapter in Business Management for Middlesex University), London: McGraw Hill
  • Wilson, D., & Martins, L.P., 2010, (Ed.) Effective Management of Organisational Consulting, London: Sage

Other Public Output

  • Martins, L., P., 2013, Little Drops of Water... A Daily Devotional Book of Proverbs, Balboa/Hayhouse: USA
  • Martins, L.P., 2008, Personal Effectiveness Conference, “Soul & Spirit Driven, TIC UK Limited, The Maria Assumpta Center, London
  • Martins, L.P., 2008, TIC UK Limited Personal Effectiveness Exhibition, “Free-flow Designs: A Tribute to the Creative Self,” TIC UK Limited, The Maria Assumpta Centre, London
  • Martins, L., P., 2007, Free-flow Designs: A Tribute to the Creative Self, TIC UK Ltd: London.

Conference Stream Organiser for EDI 2010

  • Leadership in Creating and Sustaining Diversity Synergies

Conference Chair

  • BAM 2012
  • IHRM 2011
  • BAM 2011

Reasearch, Art and Learning funded byThe Mental Health & Social Work CETL Pedagogic Research Group and the Learning Development Unit, Middlesex University £2000

  • Martins, L., P., Guest Speaker and Workshop, Warwick University Doctoral Day: “What Does Engaging in PhD Rsearch Mean, and How Can We Make It a Creative Process?” Artwork and Paper presented: 2009
  • Emerald Literati Member – Academic Research; Paper Reviews
  • The Bank of England Economic Briefing (BoE) Member, Middlesex University Representative – Academic Research, and Networking in Management and Leadership development
  • British Academy of Management (BAM) Member, (and SIG Groups: Research Methods; and Leadership and Management Development) – Workshop Contributor, Conference Chair, Reviewing Papers, Networking; Conference Paper Presentations
  • British Society of Magazine Editors (BSME) Member, Editor/Journalist – Research and Development, Publishing
  • City Security and Resilience Networks (CRRN) Member – Networking, Research and DevelopmentMember,Middlesex University Representative – Academic Research, and Networking in Management and Leadership development