Paul Miller spent 13 years as a Secondary School teacher both in Jamaica and London, before moving to Higher Education. He received his PhD from the Institute of Education, University of London [Education Policy/Human Resources Management in Education] and his MBA from The University of the West Indies [Human Resources Management]. He is Fellow of the College of Teachers and Fellow of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, School of Finance. He has written three books; two monographs and 14 journal articles, 12 of which are in the area of Teacher Migration/Teacher Identity. He is a member of the editorial advisory boards for the Journal of the University of the Cayman Islands and the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies.

At Middlesex University, Paul convenes the Third Year BA Education Studies module, “Children Rights: Law, Policy and Practice” and the MA Education: Leadership, Management & Change module, “Policy, Leadership and Management in Education”. Paul is Admissions tutor; deputy programme leader and link tutor (to Dubai Campus) for the MA Education: Leadership, Management & Change. In addition, he teaches on a number of undergraduate modules and jointly supervises two EdD students.

Paul has developed links and collaborative partnerships with academics/institutions and NGOs across the world but mostly in the Caribbean and Africa. Paul currently runs a charitable initiative at Laulane Primary School, Maputo, Mozambique.

Select Recent Publications


Miller, P (2010) Educational Planning and Administration. Study text of the Distance Learning Programme, “School Management“(specialised studies), University of Technology, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Miller, P (2010) Accreditation as Quality Control. Study text of the Distance Learning Programme, “School Management“(specialised studies), University of Technology, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Journal articles

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