BA Sociology University of Texas at Austin (1996)

MA International Relations International University of Japan, Niigata (2000)

PhD Politics and International Relations University of Nottingham (2005)

Dr Phoebe Moore is an active researcher and a Senior Lecturer in International Relations. She has been teaching International Relations and International Political Economy since September 2000 in the United Kingdom and has published a number of books, articles and reports about labour struggle, industrial relations and the impact of technology on everyday lives. Her PhD is from Nottingham University under the supervision of Professor Andreas Bieler entitled 'Neoliberal Globalisation and Labour Struggle in South Korea'. She won the Economics and Social Reserach Council (ESRC) Post-doctoral Fellowship at that time, served at the University of Manchester.

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Phoebe has conducted field work in Seoul, Korea several times and in particular has worked with trade unions, researchers and social movements around issues to do with vocational training, education reforms and industrialisation. She has worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and has organised internships at United Nations agencies and Global Labour Federations for MA students. Phoebe is still organising internships at a range of organisations so if you are an MA student in the School of Law at Middlesex please email her p.moore at

Phoebe grew up in Yarinacocha, Peru and has lived in Seoul, Tokyo, Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Nottingham, Lincoln, Manchester and she now lives in London with her husband, cat, and books (including cookbooks).

Languages spoken

Spanish intermediate, Japanese intermediate, Korean conversational.

Dr Moore, since the year 2000, has designed and taught on modules at every level; supervised UG, MA and PhD students; led an MA programme; organised internships and exchange programmes for PG students and served on curriculum restructure and other teaching committees.

At Middlesex University, Phoebe convenes and teaches all classes on level 6 module Globalism: an Introduction to International Political Economy, and the level 5 module Comparative Politics. She also teaches on MA modules in International Political Economy and Public Policy, and the level 4 module Social Science in the Contemporary World.

Phoebe's research led approach to teaching is to aid students to become critical thinkers, independent learners and confident researchers. In a world where information technologies have in many ways opened the world of research in usually positive ways, she facilitates students' appropriate use of the internet and online tools for contemporary research methods. Building students' knowledge of social science research methodologies and techniques in all modules she convenes, workshops and lectures not only provide a platform for thinking about important and timely issues in global social change and the rolling back of the state, but also prepare students for postgraduate research. Furthermore, if students intend to enter the world of graduate work immediately after University, Dr Moore helps students begin to understand the new world of work they will enter, where information is not identical to knowledge.

Dr Moore is also very committed to the concept of employability as it has become integrated into internationally facing policy. This is reflected in several of her publications.

Dr Moore has also set up an interesting internship initiative in Geneva and was invited to speak about this for the Higher Education Academy event 'Politics and International Relations and Employability' at the University of East Anglia, May 2013.

Main teaching areas

International Political Economy

International Relations

Development Studies

Public Policy

Comparative Politics

See below for links to some of Dr Moore's publications from Middlesex's research repository.


P. Moore (Aug 2012/2007) Globalisation and Labour Struggle in Asia: A Neo-Gramscian Critique of South Korea's Political Economy (I.B. Tauris, paperback of 2007).

-See review in Capital and Class (2010) 34, pp. 144 - 146.

P. Moore (Aug 2010) The International Political Economy of Work and Employability (Palgrave Macmillan).

-See review symposium of this book and in Labor History Vol 53 Iss 1 pp. 158 - 160.

P. Moore and O. Worth (Aug 2009) Globalisation and the New Semi-peripheries in the 21 Century (Palgrave Macmillan).

-This book contains chapter by Christopher Chase-Dunn and Terry Boswell, Stuart Shields, Gerald Downes, Gerard Strange, Hugo Radice, Ernesto Vivares, Jason Abbott, Rick Simon, and William Vlcek.


P. Moore (2012) 'Where is the study of work in International Political Economy?' in International Politics 49, pp. 215 - 237.

P. Moore (2011) 'Subjectivity in the Ecologies of P2P Production' in The Journal of Fibreculture FCJ-119.

P. Moore (2009) 'UK Education, Employability and Everyday Life' in Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies Vol. 7 Iss. 1.

P. Moore and P.A. Taylor (2009) 'Exploitation of the Self in Community based Software Production' in Capital and Class Vol. 97 pp. 99 - 120.

P. Moore (2006) 'Global Knowledge Capitalism, Self woven Safety Nets, and the Crisis of Employability' in Global Society Vol. 20 Iss. 4 pp. 453 - 473.

P. Moore (2005) 'Revolutions from Above: Worker Training ad Trasformismo in South Korea' in Capital and Class Vol. 86, pp. 39 - 72.

Special issues

Primary guest editor (2013) 'The Future and Praxis of Decent Work' Global Labour Journal 2013 (forthcoming).

Primary editor (2009) 'Parallel Visions of Peer to Peer Production' Capital and Class Vol. 97.

Other publications/book reviews

P. Moore (2013) 'Where is decent work in DfID policy? Marketisation and Securitisation of UK International Aid' contribution to the Global Labour Column.

P. Moore (2012) 'Network of educators in support of a public university expanding rapidly' in International Studies Today 2(1).

P. Moore (2008) 'Global governance: Lest we Forget' in International Studies Review 19(2) I was asked to write this feature essay review on four books about work and globalisation.

Recent invited lectures and research seminars


'Cognitive Capitalism and the Quantified Self' invited research seminar Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster.


'Decent Work as Methodology?' invited research seminar Management Research Centre, University of Wolverhampton Business School.

'Multilateral Aid Review and Implications for Decent Work' invited paper funded by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action IS0902 at EAEPE Krakow University of Economics.

'The young unemployed and the International Labour Organisation's Social Unrest Index' invited paper at Transdemos 'Legitimacy and Legitimation of Transnational Governance' Lund University, Sweden.


'Peer Production and Precarity' invited paper funded by European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action IS0902 Universite Sciences de l'Homme, Paris.

Conference papers and organisation

Dr Moore has presented research papers at several conferences since 2001. This includes ISA, BISA/IPEG, PSA, EAEPE, ECPR/SGIR, MeCCSA, and workshops such as Examining the Relevance of Marxism, Critical Labour Studies, Conference of Socialist Economists, and Lancashire International Film Expo.

She has funded and organised the Future and Praxis of Decent Work (2013) Media Ecologies and Postindustrial Divisions of Labour (2009) and hosted and organised Critical Labour Studies (2012) and IPEG (2010).

She is founding the Conference of Socialist Economists South Group, a network of critical researchers, from 2013.

Dr Moore is also involved with the Education for Action group.

Doctoral supervision

Phoebe would be happy to supervise PhD (doctoral) students in these areas: International Political Economy; Industrial Relations; Work; Education; Technology; Globalisation

Research Publications

Subjectivity in the ecologies of P2P production

Moore, Phoebe Veronica (2011) Subjectivity in the ecologies of P2P production. The journal of fibreculture (17). ISSN 1449-1443

The international political economy of work and employability

Moore, Phoebe Veronica (2010) The international political economy of work and employability. International Political Economy Series . Palgrave Macmillan, UK. ISBN 9780230517943

Exploitation of the self in community-based software production - workers’ freedoms or firm foundations?

Moore, Phoebe Veronica and Taylor, Paul L. (2009) Exploitation of the self in community-based software production - workers’ freedoms or firm foundations? Capital and Class , 33 (1). pp. 99-120. ISSN 0309 8168

Globalisation and labour struggle in Asia: a neo-gramscian critique of South Korea's political economy

Moore, Phoebe Veronica (2007) Globalisation and labour struggle in Asia: a neo-gramscian critique of South Korea's political economy. Other. IB Tauris, London.

Where is the study of work in critical IPE?

Moore, Phoebe Veronica (2012) Where is the study of work in critical IPE? International Politics, 49 . pp. 215-237. ISSN 1384-5748

Turkey in the world system and the new orientalism

Moore, Phoebe Veronica and Dannreuther, Charles (2009) Turkey in the world system and the new orientalism. In: Globalization and the new semi-peripheries. Moore, Phoebe Veronica and Worth, Owen , eds. International Political Economy Series . Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 138-156. ISBN 9780230220751

Dr Moore has been awarded several internal and travel grants from the British Academy.

Primary Investigator Roles

February 2013. £2,500 COST Action IS0902 'The Future and Praxis of Decent Work'.

This funding facilitated the conference held in cooperation with the International Political Economy Group. Keynote speakers included Dave Spooner and Pete Waterman.

2004-5. £28,000 ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship.

She was awarded this Fellowship for her project 'Vocational Training in East: The Impact of Curricula Reform on Workers' and carried out the Fellowship at the University of Manchester.


2011 - present. British International Studies Association Workshops grants (Working Group Convenor).

This annual funding is awarded to IPEG members to run workshops throughout the year. Dr Moore is presently the treasurer for this budget in her position as Convenor.

Research Networks: Convenor for International Political Economy Group . Convenor for the Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) South Group.

Editorial Board Member: Capital and Class Editorial Board member since 2006

Globalizations Editorial Board member since 2013.

Committees: ESRC Peer Review College member since 2012.

Advisory roles: Dr Moore worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Training for the Trainers programmes in Ankara and Sarajevo presenting work on employability and UK education policy (2008 - 2009).

Phoebe presented research to the Korea Research Institute of the Korean Ministry of Labour on employability and UK education policy (2009).

Book Prize Judge: Dr Moore is a judge on the IPEG Book Prize panel (2011 - 2014).

IPEG Discussion Paper Series: Phoebe was the Editor for this series (2007 - 2011).