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    Change management consultancy

    Change within an organisation can have a profound impact on performance. With the right preparation it can drive innovation and renewal; without it, resistance and low morale can be crippling.

    At Middlesex, our expert academics can help your staff develop the insights and skills needed to embrace change. In turn they will also become effective agents for change.

    Practical, relevant skills

    We will help you identify key learning objectives and put together a programme that draws on your organisation's own know-how. Our experienced academics will facilitate learning and empower your staff to develop their ability to analyse complex situations and respond in positive ways.

    Other services include:

    Training needs diagnostics
    Training and mentoring of in-house facilitators and line managers
    Access to Middlesex's virtual learning environment and e-library
    Tutor support for individual learners
    Assessment and feedback
    Printed and e-learning materials
    Additional discipline-based research and consultancy

    For further information contact the Corporate Engagement Team on 020 8411 5050 or email

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