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    University Procurement Office

    The University spends around £50m per annum on non-pay related goods and services. Responsibility for purchasing activities is devolved to budget holders within individual schools and services and carried out by local staff to whom specific levels of purchasing authority has been delegated.

    The University's Procurement Office (UPO) provides a wide range of support to budget holders in selecting the best suppliers and achieving optimum value for money for all purchases whether using University budgets or external research funding.

    Responsibilities of the UPO also covers development of the University's overall procurement policy including a strategic approach to purchasing plus implementation of associated procedures and support systems.

    Purchase Order Queries - In the event of supplier queries concerning the content and requirements of specific University Purchase Orders, the individual identified on the official purchase order form should be contacted in the first instance.

    Supplying the University

    Code of Practice
    This section covers the University's Procurement Policy and gives a broad outline of how it is structured in terms of Purchasing. It also covers some of the key aspects of the University's Contracting Code of Practice that may be relevant to external suppliers.

    Terms and Conditions
    The University's standard conditions of contract for goods and services (Long and Short Forms), including consultancy and framework agreements may be viewed from this page and downloaded for printing.

    Recent tenders
    Provisional suppliers will be able to view information relating to recent/current contract notices and advertisements that the University has publicly issued.

    Contact Details

    University Procurement Office
    Middlesex University
    Hendon Campus
    The Burroughs
    London NW4 4BT

    Samuel Jackson
    Procurement Manager
    tel: +44 02 (0) 8411 4280

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