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Psychopharmacology Module

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Level 6 MHR 3633
Level 7 MHR 4633
September 2017
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This module aims to develop the pharmacological knowledge of mental health practitioners, including mental health nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and nurse prescribers.

Why study the Psychopharmacology Module at Middlesex University?

This advanced knowledge will help you in discussing concordance issues with service users. It will also allow you to participate in clinical discussions about medication within a multidisciplinary team from an informed position. This will help to ensure effective prescribing with minimal side-effects. The knowledge gained on this course is essential for any prescriber within mental health and anyone administering medications via patient group directives.

On completion of this module you will be able to assess symptoms using the KGV-m and analyse the desired and undesired effects (pharmacodynamics) of typical and atypical antipsychotic, antidepressant, mood stabilising, anxiolytic and hypnotic medication. You will also analyse the pharmacokinetics of these medications and discuss interactions, and assess, monitor and manage side-effects. You will learn to apply and evaluate knowledge and skills in relation to your own practice.

What will you study on the Psychopharmacology Module?

This module will cover the following areas:

  • Basic pharmacology
  • Neuronal communication
  • Antipsychotic medication
  • KGV-m symptom assessment
  • Antidepressant medication
  • Mood stabilisers
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Physical assessment and side-effect rating scale
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Hypnotics

You will be taught via lectures and workshops using a range of teaching methods such as presentations, interactive sessions and watching relevant films.

To be eligible for this module at Level 6, you must provide evidence of previous successful study at Level 5.

To be eligible for this module at Level 7, you must provide evidence of previous successful study at Level 6

Please visit our CPD health practitioner webpage to download an application form and for more information on the application process.

There are several funding options available:

  • receiving course fees via CPPD contracts between NHS trusts and Middlesex University
  • paying your own fees
  • sponsorship by your employer (but not under a CPPD contract).

For more information for any of these options, including fee rates for self-funding/employer-sponsored students, please visit our dedicated funding page.

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