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    Nursing application and interview process

    Before you apply for a nursing degree, you should consider whether nursing or midwifery is the right career for you, taking into account the personal skills, qualities and knowledge that it demands. Some of these are listed below. If you decide to apply, your application for our three-year BSc Nursing courses, two year Pg Dip Nursing courses and our three-year BSc Midwifery course should be made via UCAS.

    Once you have applied, our admission team will then carefully consider your application, and we will contact you within four weeks to inform whether you have been shortlisted.

    Maths and English test

    If your application is successfully shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a Maths and English Tests that run at The Royal Free Hospital on a weekday and the University's Hendon Campus on a Saturday. These tests are compulsory even if you meet our Maths and English GCSE application requirements. If you are shortlisted, we will send you an example of the type of test that will be given, so that you have an idea of what to expect. The Move-On website may also help you prepare for these tests and the NHS Snap website will help you improve your confidence and competence when dealing with numeracy. If you pass the tests, you will be invited to interview, which will take place on a weekday at a location in north London. 

    The Interview

    If you are invited to interview, you should set aside the whole day. You should bring the following documents with you. You need to bring originals and photocopies (we will keep the latter):

    • Educational certificates
    • Original birth certificate or Declaration of Age
    • Passport/Immigration status documents
    • Marriage certificate or Change of Name Deed (if your name does not match that on your birth certificate)
    • Evidence of current address (two items)
    • A recent P45 or P60
    • UK Driving licence (if held)
    • Referee details

    What we are looking for at interview

    We strongly recommend that you prepare well for your interview. We would recommend familiarising yourself with the main nursing or midwifery journals such as Nursing Standard or Nursing Times, as well as the specific requirements of the branch of nursing you have chosen.

    We will be considering the criteria listed below through a variety of methods such as direct questioning and observation. The essential skills and qualities are:

    • Basic knowledge and awareness of chosen field of nursing, or midwifery;
    • Able to demonstrate non-judgemental approach and cultural awareness;
    • Evidence of personal awareness, empathy and caring approach;
    • Clear and coherent communication skills;
    • Time management skills;
    • Awareness of challenges during the course and coping strategies.

    Additionally, the desired skills and qualities are:

    • Experienced gained of caring for other;
    • Awareness of qualified nurse role and responsibilities in specified branch;
    • Knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of working in teams.

    What to expect if you are offered a place

    If you are offered a place, we congratulate you but please be aware that this offer will remain conditional until we have completed all the required processes; these include identity checks, qualifications verification, references, police checks (DBS) and health clearances.

    If we offer you a place on the course, you will receive an offer pack within a week of interview. If you wish to accept, you should do so via UCAS Track.

    We will remain in contact with you until you begin the course in September. For nursing, we ask that you attend a Pre-Induction day at our Hendon campus (these normally take place within two to four months of the commencement of the course) when you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow students, fix up any last minute administrative issues, meet the staff and get a taste of what the course will be like. You will receive further information about this day in due course.

    In the week prior to classes commencing, you will receive a full induction into the course and the University.

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