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    How to apply

    To apply for the MSc by Research (Ambient Assisted Living) you will need to:

    • Write a research proposal.
    • Select the appropriate application form from the bottom of this page.
    • Gather the following compulsory supporting documents, in electronic format:
      • all your academic documentation (including transcripts and certificates);
      • your passport;
      • your sponsorship letter (if you are not paying your own fees);
      • your IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent English Language certificates (if your first language is not English).

    Email your research proposal, application form and all compulsory supporting documents to:

    If you have any enquiries please email or call us on 020 8411 5739.

    Please note that you can apply in this way for a research degree at any time of the year.

    Candidates already based in the UK who wish to enrol on this MSc by Research may also apply by the the last day of July using our online application.


    Application Form

    To apply for this course please use the MPhil/PhD/Masters by Research form.

    Please include 'MSc by Research in Ambient Assisted Living' in the application form and in your research proposal.

    Application deadlines

    You can start your MSc by Research at three specific times of the year. These are September 15th, January 15th and May 15th. In order to start at a particular time you must apply by the previous entry point. For example, if you want to start October 15th, please apply by May 15th. 

    If your application is suitable, you will be invited for interview (in person or by Skype) within two and a half months of your date of application. 

    How to write a research proposal

    As part of your application, you will need to provide a research proposal. In this, you identify the specific area of research within data science that interests you. 

    Your proposal should be three to four pages of A4 and should include the following:

    • a working title;
    • a general outline of your intended research area including a brief mention of work already carried out in the field;
    • the central research question(s) of your proposal;
    • a discussion of your proposed research methodologies such as empirical investigation, practical work, interviews, analysis;
    • an indication of the principal issues, problems, controversies, ethical issues, models and theories raised in your thesis;
    • a list of sources (or kinds of sources) which you intend to consult;
    • a brief bibliography.

    Research proposals usually identify a gap in the literature, which you intend to fill. In your proposal, you should demonstrate that you have found an issue that needs to be investigated and the reasons why you feel it is important.

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