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    Managing Externally Funded Projects

    This is a one-day overview of how to deal with the unique issues posed by managing and coordinating externally funded projects. Such projects are usually collaborative research projects involving many organisations from different nations. Funding is usually provided by some governmental type organisation such as the European Commission.

    Those contributing to and leading these ventures are normally technical experts such as academics or research institutions. This often leads to projects with an extremely high level of expertise, producing excellent research, but these projects run into difficulties caused by reporting requirements of the funding body and the interaction between largely autonomous work streams.

    Course information

    This course aims to introduce skills that can help manage the above issues whilst allowing the project to carry on with minimal disruption. It will also cover a wide range of highly relevant topics:

    • Understanding stakeholders
    • The four dimensions of a project
    • Deliverables
    • Controlling the project to timescales, budget, scope and quality
    • Dealing with the partners
    • Risk management
    • Financial aspects

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