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    How to apply

    Applying for our Summer School could not be easier

    Select the course you would like to study. If you are not sponsored by a government or a partner university select apply now and pay via our online store. You can either pay in full or pay a deposit.

    If your fees are being paid by a partner or other institutional sponsor please download this application form and email to us at We will invoice your provider.

    You can also select a summer package or another course at the point of application.

    If you are not able to use our on-line payment facility, please contact the Summer School office and our staff will help you explore your options.

    T: +44 (0)20 8411 5782 +44 (0)20 8411 5782

    What happens next?

    You will receive an email confirming the details of your application. We will review your application and write to you with our decision. If successful,

    a) where fees have been paid in full, or your fee is to be paid by a partner institution, sponsor or employer an unconditional offer letter will be sent to you, followed by arrival and enrolment information.


    b) where a deposit has been paid, you will receive a letter offering you a place subject to payment of fees in full. This will outline the fees outstanding and provide you with information on how to pay these.  Once fees are paid in full you will receive an unconditional offer letter and arrival and enrolment information. Please note that an unconditional offer letter is often required in order to secure a visa, where applicable.

    If your application is unsuccessful we will contact you to advise you of the reason and to refund any fees paid. Where applications are unsuccessful because places are unavailable, we will contact you to discuss possible alternatives, waiting lists, or to arrange a refund.

    Any decision we make on an application is final.

    Please note that Middlesex University reserves the right to change or cancel any courses due to non viable class sizes or other unforeseen circumstances and in these cases we will contact you to refund any fees paid.

    Booking accommodation

    If you have applied for a package, your accommodation is included in your programme fee and will be booked automatically. If you are not on a package, you will receive information about options in your offer letter.

    Student visas

    You will not need a Tier 4 General Student Visa to attend the Summer School as you can enter the UK as a Student Visitor. But please note - you will not be able to work while you are here or extend or change your visa status.

    Students of certain nationalities, including US students, are allowed to apply for a Student Visitor Visa when they arrive in the UK (at the airport/port etc), instead of applying in advance. More information can be found on the the UK Visas and Immigration website.

    If you need a visa you may need to produce an unconditional offer letter, which will only be issued once you have paid your fees in full. We recommend that you apply early to Summer School as the visa application process can take some time. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a visa and can provide evidence of this, we will refund your payment minus an administrative charge of £100.


    Once your place is confirmed you can enrol online in advance. You will be required to complete an ID check once you arrive on campus. In order for you to enrol online, you will be required to know your IT User ID and your student number. These can be found on your offer letters. Please click here for detailed enrolment instructions.

    Student Access Card

    You can apply for a student access card in advance, which will be ready for you to collect at once you have completed your ID check. Otherwise you can request a student access card at enrolment - this will be ready to collect within two days.

    Summer School Assistant (grade 3)

    Summer School Assistant (grade 4)

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