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    Summer school courses

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    There are more than 25 courses on offer this summer. Some carry academic credits, others are for general interest only. They last between one to five weeks and range from introductory to third-year undergraduate degree level. Prior subject knowledge or experience may be needed for some. 

    Click on the course title to get full details including syllabus, length, credits, assessment, fees and more.

    Guide to the listings

    In addition to the title, each course is given a code of three letters and four numbers. The letters indicate the subject area. The first number equates to the FHEQ level of the course: 1 = level 4; 2 = level 5; 3 = level 6. So, for example, HRM2013 is a Human Resource Management course at FHEQ level 5. Courses prefixed with 'SUM' do not carry any academic credit.

    The level of previous knowledge needed for each course is indicated under each course listing, either as part of the text or under the heading 'Pre-requisites'. All courses are taught in English and require TOEFL 550 (IELTS 6.0) or the equivalent if English is your second language.

    For more information about Summer School

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