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    Fantastic London

    Discover the best fantasy books set in London and take a magical tour of the city streets on this creative course.

    About the course

    This creative course will introduce you to some of the best fantasy books set in London and to the writing techniques these authors have used. London is a marvellous and fantastical place, a place of dreams and nightmares, of slums and palaces, of parks and playgrounds. Its neighbourhoods can take you from one world to the next in a moment, from wealth to poverty, from a little bit of Italy to a little bit of India. Fantasy writers have taken full advantage of this complex landscape. We'll be exploring books set in London and the city itself, with three texts, four walks and four opportunities to taste the food of London.

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    Time and dates

    Two weeks: 30 June to 14 July 2016


    Coursework (100%). A critical commentary on London and the fantastic, focusing on one of the set texts, 1,000 words (25%); a creative piece (fiction or non-fiction) on an area of London not covered in the taught section, 2,000 words (75%).

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