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    Know Your Own Personality and Emotional Intelligence

    Discover some of the most cutting-edge psychological theory, research and applications from the field of individual differences: personality and emotional intelligence.

    About the course

    You'll get a sound understanding your own personal characteristics from the psychometric perspective – and learn a number of ways you can use this insight to your benefit in educational and career aspects, job applications, work performance and more.

    This module includes lectures, group work, independent study, videos and activities.

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    Other related courses:Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Introduction to Counselling; Neuro Linguistic-Programming Diploma; Positive Psychology and Personal Happiness


    Hendon campus



    Time and dates

    Three weeks 30 June to 12 July 2016
    Week 1: 10am to 3pm, Thursday and Friday
    Week 2: 10am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday
    Week 3: 10am to 3pm, Monday and Tuesday


    Coursework 100%

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