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Meet the Education Liaison and Outreach team

The Education Liaison and Outreach team along with our dedicated ambassadors deliver all talks, workshops and sessions off-campus in addition to our range of on-campus events and activities.

To arrange any sessions with them, or to discuss the possibility of working with your institution, please get in touch.

Elita Eliades-Ahmed

Head of Education Liaison and Outreach

Elita profile imageI manage the Education Liaison and Outreach Team at Middlesex University. Following the completion of my studies with a BA English Studies and an MA in Arts Criticism, I have been working in the education sector since 2001 and have been at Middlesex University from 2004. I started my career in the education sector through working as a Student Ambassador and have been promoting the benefits and rewards of Higher Education since.

At Middlesex my focus has been leading the team in managing key stakeholder relationships, specifically with schools and colleges in the UK. I have a special interest in Outreach and Widening Participation work and enjoy working with all of our audiences in the large number of projects we deliver.

Sarina Mahmood

Education Liaison and Outreach Officer

My role within the team is largely focused on outreach. I support learners planning to progress onto higher education, those who are academically able, as well as those who require more nurturing and may not have had much exposure to higher education. I am also responsible for the younger audience framework, in which I develop a portfolio of activities which aid students at different stages of their education. In addition to this I deliver presentations, workshops and subject-related activities, as well as large on-campus events where we interact with almost 1000 young learners.

I find my role really rewarding and satisfying as it enables me to help learners make those vital life-changing decisions and inspire those who are young to develop transferable skills they need to thrive

Aishah Piprawala

National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) Coordinator

I have been at Middlesex University since September 2012, initially I started off as a Sociology & Criminology student, and soon I joined lots of extra-curricular activities and worked in many student roles across the university. My main role was working as a Student Ambassador, I worked with the Education Liaison and Outreach Team at the time and I really enjoyed it that I ended up doing a placement in 2015 within the team.

Since graduating I have worked as the Education Liaison and Outreach Coordinator, and I now have a very new and exciting job as the National Collaborative Outreach Programme Coordinator. I work collaboratively with Linking London, and my work involves delivering various presentations and workshops (IAG) to learners with a view to developing their transferable and study skills, and to explore career pathways. I am deeply passionate about inspiring young learners by exposing them to the opportunities and tools needed for them to achieve and exceed their potential.

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