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Each year thousands of UK students begin a study of the social sciences but few consider the internationalisation of our social world. As our economy, society and communications become increasingly transnational a view of the changing nature of society is necessary if we are to play our part in shaping the world of tomorrow.

Our new degree, BSc Global Social Science, seeks to explore the world view we set out to discover the changing nature of relationships in a global context seeing how individuals and organisations, regions and countries interact with transnational companies to shape the world of tomorrow. In this degree you will engage with some of the most compelling and contested questions in contemporary society

  • How do we communicate with each other?
  • Why do places carry meaning for people?
  • What are our rights as citizens?
  • What shapes our identity and why?

And we do all this by using modern social science to look at the local, national and international context of modern society.

Studying global social sciences will stimulate your curiosity, encourage you to ask questions and challenge assumptions, and help you understand the world we live in; and yourselfmore deeply. You will also develop a whole range of different skills that will be valuable in your personal life, and in your job.