Law debate series 'Born Under One Law': Interventions and the Arab Spring | Middlesex University London
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    Law debate series 'Born Under One Law': Interventions and the Arab Spring

    Event information

    START DATE 7 December 2011
    START TIME 12:00am
    END DATE 7 December 2011
    END TIME 12:00am

    This event is part of the Law debate series, 'Born Under One Law' and will discuss interventions in the Arab Spring and the consequences and causes of the significant social and political change in the Middle East.

    This debate will discuss: The ‘Arab Spring’ has galvanised the Middle East. The uprisings that spread throughout the region with surprising speed mark the beginning of serious political and social change. What are the underlying causes of the revolutions? Do we have a legal obligation to support the democrats? Can military intervention ever be justified? If so, why is intervention justified in Libya but not Syria? What does the future hold for new democracies? 

    Speakers include Robin Yassin-Kassab and Joshua Castellino in conversation with Ziauddin Sardar,
    introduced by Joshua Castellino.

    Book: ‘The Arabs Are Alive’ Critical Muslim, Vol.1

    Time: 4-6pm

    Location: Hendon Town Hall Chamber

    Further information: This event is open to anyone who would like to attend,  but please confirm your place by emailing Christiana Frandzis:

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