Inaugural lecture: Professor Marina Papanastassiou | Middlesex University London
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    Inaugural lecture: Professor Marina Papanastassiou

    Event information

    START DATE 17 April 2013
    START TIME 12:00am

    W138, Williams Building

    END DATE 17 April 2013
    END TIME 12:00am

    The inaugural lecture from Professor of International Business, Marina Papanastassiou

    The 2012-13 series of Inaugural Lectures will showcase the widening breadth and depth of expertise at Middlesex. Staff can find out more about the series on the Inaugural Lectures page of the intranet (VPN access required).

    Professor Marina Papanastassiou

    Dr. Marina Papanastassiou became Professor of International Business in the Business School in October 2012. Her expertise lies in the area of global innovation and growth strategies, the roles of subsidiaries and overseas R&D laboratories of Multinational Corporations. Since 1993 Marina has participated in or led consulting and research projects commissioned by large private companies and international institutions such as UNCTAD, MITI of Japan and  the European Parliament.

    Dr. Papanastassiou received her PhD in International Business from the University of Reading, UK in 1995 and  has a wide number of international academic and professional publications


    An eclectic analysis of the synchronous ecumenical organisation aka the Multinational Corporation

    It is now well acknowledged that the Multinational Corporation  (MNC) is one of the major institutions affecting a wide range of aspects of  the economic, social, political, cultural, ethical, environmental and education activity on a global basis. International Business, from being a peripheral field of study until the 1990s, evolved to become a central area of research during the last decade. This allows us to break into the 'black box' of its central unit of analysis, i.e. that of the MNC, and explore its enigmatic Janus-faced identity.

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